Steering orbitrol on a forklift


Forklifts generally use Steering orbitrol, except for some very small forklifts that use mechanical structures, almost all of which use Steering orbitrol .Some people found that the steering wheel of the forklift can be hit until it goes down. This is a hydraulic leakage inside the Steering orbitrol . Proper internal leakage exists. As long as it's not easy and stress-free. Generally, you can clearly feel the direction to the end, and then continue to exert force, so that the steering wheel can continue to rotate at a very slow speed. Otherwise, it is too large internal leakage, and if there is no obvious feeling of the steering wheel to the end, it is a problem of excessive internal leakage in the steering gear.


A common problem with Steering orbitrol  is that the internal leakage is too large, and it is generally replaced entirely. It is rarely dismantled and repaired. After all, assembly parts are easy to buy now, and then labor is expensive, which is actually not cost-effective compared to maintenance after disassembly. This puts high requirements on the quality of Steering orbitrol . Hanjiu company has been specializing in the production of hydraulic products for more than ten years, has a professional R & D team to continuously develop and polish product quality and design, all products will be inspected and tested many times before leaving the factory to ensure that there are no defective products. More importantly, Hanjiu's products have a one-year warranty period, during which Hanjiu will be responsible for the quality of the products and provide technical support to customers.


Steering orbitrol  should also pay attention to maintenance and repair in daily use, the following are some maintenance suggestions provided by Hanjiu Technology. Hope that helps.


1. Prevent water and air from invading the hydraulic system Excessive moisture in hydraulic oil will cause rust and wear to components and machinery. Usually, pay attention to when the oil storage barrel is not in use, tighten the lid of the barrel and place it upside down. During maintenance, attention should be paid to preventing moisture ingress, and at the same time, it is also necessary to filter hydraulic oil with large water content for many times. At room temperature and pressure, the air content in the hydraulic oil is about 8%. When the pressure is reduced, the air in the oil will free out, cavitating the hydraulic components and generating noise, resulting in undesirable consequences, such as: crawling of the actuators, decreased work efficiency, etc.


2. Reasonable selection of hydraulic oil Hydraulic oil plays a role in transmitting pressure, lubrication, cooling and sealing in the hydraulic system, and improper selection of hydraulic oil is the main reason for the early failure and durability decline of the hydraulic system. Hydraulic oil plays an important role in hydraulic systems, such as: sealing, pressure and cooling. The main reason for the deterioration in durability and early failure of the hydraulic system is the improper selection of hydraulic oil. The selection of hydraulic oil should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions in the manual, and in special circumstances, if it is necessary to use alternative oil, the selected hydraulic oil should be as good as possible with the original grade of performance.


3. Prevent debris from mixing into the hydraulic system Clean hydraulic oil has an important impact on the working state of the hydraulic system. There are many precision components in the hydraulic system, and some components are set with gaps or damping holes. Once impurities are mixed into the system, it will lead to precision component jamming, strain and oil channel blockage, which will have a serious impact on the safe operation of the hydraulic system.


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