Steering Unit Orbitrol


Steering unit orbitrol is widely used on Forklift, which is called forklift steering unit orbitrol . It is one of the important forklift parts of the forklift steering system and guarantee for the safety of the forklift. Forklift steering unit orbitrol can be divided into electro-mechanical type and hydraulic assist type.

Note for Installing Forklift Steering Orbital Unit

  1. In order to ensure the normal operation of the forklift hydraulic power steering unit, it is necessary to clean the surrounding spare parts as much as possible before installation.
  2.  In order to avoid malfunctions caused by dirt entering the steering oil circuit, the plugs on the oil ports of the steering pump of the forklift steering gear should be opened before connecting the oil pipe. After confirming that there is no problem, forklift steering unit orbitrol can be installed.
  3. After forklift steering orbital unit is installed, the steering angle must be limited to the locking point or the limit position of the steering axle, not the limit position of the forklift steering machine.

Now there are several brand produces forklift steering unit,

Such as steering unit ognibene; steering unit rexroth; steering unit danfoss;

steering unit eaton....each brand has its character and performance

Hanjiu hydraulic steering unit orbitrol cover all of them, easy to assemble and keep the forklift with original function.


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