The best-performing orbital hydraulic motor


Anyone who understands mechanical operation and rail transportation, etc. can roughly understand the importance of motors. As the core motor of the entire car, it has the function of converting electrical energy and gasoline into mechanical energy. In the hundreds of years since the birth of the motor, various forms have been changed in pursuit of minimizing energy consumption and maximizing kinetic energy. As the most widely used motor, hydraulic motors are also the most popular among buyers.



Hydraulic motor, also known as oil motor. As the name suggests, it is a gasoline-driven motor, which complements the hydraulic pump and is indispensable. The operating system of a hydraulic motor uses a hydraulic pump to transmit liquid, and the power brought by the liquid is converted by the hydraulic motor into mechanical energy that can drive the machine or vehicle. Due to the characteristics of hydraulic motors, they are widely used in various machines and vehicles. Mainly machinery, mainly concentrated in construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, transportation machinery, ore machinery and so on.


Traditional high-speed motors have the advantages of small size, light weight, good oil resistance, simple structure, and small impact inertia. But at the same time, it also has the shortcomings of low efficiency, small starting torque, poor low-speed efficiency and stability, and the hydraulic motor produced by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has made great improvements on this shortcoming. On the basis of the original starting torque, 60%-70% of the rated torque, the engine blades are added, so that the starting torque can reach 80%-85% of the original basis.


In order to reduce the shortcoming of low speed efficiency and poor stability. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has also changed the traditional hydraulic motor materials, choosing heavier hardware materials. However, while increasing the weight, try to make the volume as small as possible so that it is not too heavy and too large. In the research and manufacturing, each step is refined, so that the error rate is greatly reduced.


HANJIU TECHNOLOGY will also conduct related tests on the performance and durability of the product. Each product produced will be taken to the corresponding testing room for more than five tests, and the product will be used as a finished product after it is confirmed. , Placed in the finished product area, and then supplied to consumers through transportation or display. Under this operation, the defect rate of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY products is relatively small, and the performance is relatively strong. The service life of ordinary hydraulic motors is five to seven years, and the service life of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY hydraulic motors is seven to ten years. And so on are all good products.


Since you have to choose to buy, why not choose to buy a product with better performance and better efficiency? All kinds of mechanical operations are relatively large-scale operation projects, which require a lot of financial resources, and a preliminary preparation of material resources. If a part has a problem, the impact will be a major loss of personnel and a major financial loss. , So better product selection means safer mechanical operation and lower cost loss.


  As one of the manufacturers of hydraulic motors, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has more than ten years of experience in the industry, and its sales targets include but are not limited to China, Canada, the United States, Europe, and Africa, spanning tens of millions of square meters. And HANJIU TECHNOLOGY maintains the craftsmanship spirit for its own products. For so many years, it can only develop its own mainstream products, do only one thing wholeheartedly, and maintain love. It is this craftsmanship that the company can make this product better.


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