How can global hydraulic importers ensure rapid profit growth under the epidemic?



Global hydraulic supply chain has changed

Long before the outbreak of the epidemic, the global hydraulic supply has quietly changed. In the hydraulic business field in 2019, foreign companies with revenues of more than RMB 10 billion include Bosch Rexroth, Parker Hannifin, Eaton, and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The four companies together account for 42.3% of the global market share. Although the industry concentration is relatively high, However, it is 4pct lower than in 2012, showing a clear trend of dispersion. In the past, the global hydraulic industry was concentrated in the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries, maintaining its scale and technology leadership in the world. After the outbreak of the epidemic, China's domestic production has been stable and orderly. Focusing on the domestic market, leading hydraulic companies have entered a period of rapid expansion and are upgrading their industries, surpassing international companies in terms of revenue growth, profitability, and quality.

Post-epidemic era, re-evaluating international competitiveness, China's hydraulics coming strongly.

The data provided by Alibaba 2021 shows that in the first half of this year, the actual transaction volume of Alibaba International Station increased by 80% year-on-year. In the past July, the actual transaction volume increased by 105% year-on-year, and the order scale increased by 177%. Relying on a strong local supply chain in China, we will continue to provide high cost-effective products overseas. China's hydraulic manufacturing industry has strong anti-risk capabilities. A large number of professional hydraulic manufacturing companies have begun to accelerate export substitution and continue to upgrade their industries, especially in the field of high-end hydraulic components and equipment.


Looking for opportunities in a crisis, how can foreign hydraulic importers make the transition?

Under the impact of the overseas epidemic, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, light industry, transportation equipment and other applications in the hydraulic product supply chain are in crisis. At the same time, downstream people’s livelihood industries (such as construction machinery industry and agricultural machinery industry) continue to increase in demand under the new infrastructure. Importers Facing a dilemma. On the one hand, local supply is not timely, on the other hand, local demand is strong. More and more importers are beginning to focus on China.

With the rise of China's hydraulic manufacturing industry, continuous in-depth research and development in the field of high-end hydraulic parts, and leveraging industry policies, Chinese hydraulic companies are striving to consolidate and expand China's market share in high-end hydraulic products, and create more core competitive hydraulics Products to meet the higher pursuit of products in all areas, industries and fields. In the post-epidemic era, China not only has products with more core competitiveness, but also has maintained a relatively stable delivery time. This has largely solved all the problems that customers are facing now.


In the continuous and long process of epidemic prevention and control, foreign importers are looking for a Savior. HANJIU Hydraulics provides this opportunities.


HANJIU is a comprehensive hydraulic enterprise integrating design, manufacturing, research and development, and sales. The main products include hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, and hydraulic steering units. The high-end hydraulic products that we are engaged in are the key components of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other major national heavy equipment.

Problems we solve for customers:

Problems we solve for customers:
* Reliability
* Production
* Brand Promotion
* quality
* time
* cost


If your current business encounters difficulties, if your supply chain, product, quality, price, delivery, after-sales, etc. encounter problems, or you are looking for a more reliable partner who can help you solve the above problems, please contact us connect.


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