The drive principle of the hyd motor


According to its structure type, hyd motor is divided into Orbital Motor,gear motor, impeller motor, axial piston motor and radial piston motor. The first three categories are all high-speed HYD motors, and the structure of high-speed HYD motors is about the same as that of similar hydraulic pumps. Let's take a look at the structural features of HYD Motor. First, hyd motor requirements can be forward or reverse, in order to achieve this function hyd motor in the symmetry of the structure requirements are very strict, specifically including the inlet and outlet size of the same, leakage oil separate external lead, blade radial placement, etc. Second, HYD Motor also has requirements for the speed range, especially for the minimum stable speed, so rolling bearings or hydrostatic plain bearings are usually used. Third, since HYD Motor operates under input pressure oil conditions, it does not need to have self-priming capability but requires a certain initial tightness. 

The common working principle of HYD Motor is the process of hydraulic rotation into rectangles. The active shaft of the HYD motor is connected to the active shaft of the pump, which drives the pump to rotate when the HYD motor rotates. HYD motor is high-pressure oil in and low-pressure oil out, the pump is to suck in low-pressure oil to discharge high-pressure oil, of course, hyd motor is driven by other pumps.

The gear motor is a hydraulic oil that relies on the oil cavity, and acts on the area difference on the tooth side of each gear to form a tangential force difference to form a torque; The vane motor is leaned into the oil cavity inside each group of working chambers. The difference in the hydraulic force of the hydraulic oil acting on the adjacent sides of the blade forms a torque; The axial piston motor relies on the reaction component force acting on the swash plate on the plunger on the oil inlet side perpendicular to the plunger axis; The radial piston motor relies on the tangential reaction component force of the eccentric stator on the oil inlet side on the plunger to form torque.

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