The main parts and functions of orbitrol


The core component of the full hydraulic steering system is the hydraulic steering gear, which has a large power density ratio, flexible layout and easy operation, and is widely used in the steering system of low-speed heavy-duty vehicles. The hydraulic steering gear is mainly composed of a follow-up rotary valve and a cycloid rotary stator pair. It is combined with an oil pump, a relief valve, a steering cylinder and accessories to form a full hydraulic steering system. Mainly used for construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, road maintenance machinery, etc. Through the detailed introduction of previous articles, I believe you are already familiar with the performance and characteristics of orbitrol. So, today let's take a look at the main components of orbitrol and their respective roles in the operation of the machine!


1. Main parts of orbitrol


The main components of orbitrol mainly include spool valve sleeve pair, neutral spring, dial pin, linkage shaft, diaphragm, stator and rotor pair, valve body, back cover and combination valve, seals and standard parts. When orbitrol starts working, every part is essential and plays an irreplaceable role.


2. The functions of each main component are as follows:


①Spool valve sleeve pair: control the direction of oil flow, also known as follow-up rotary valve.


②Neutral spring: to ensure the return to the center function of the rotary valve.


③Dial pin: transmit torque and limit the maximum rotation angle of the valve sleeve.


④Stator and rotor: metering flow, and it acts as a manual pump in shutdown state.


⑤ Linkage shaft: drive torque, keep the oil distribution of the rotary valve and the synchronization of the metering motor.


⑥Valve body: Provide oil flow channel and oil distribution, and valve body as an integrated valve.


⑦ Separator: It forms axial oil passage and isolation oil cavity with the stator and rotor.


⑧ Rear cover: oil chamber is isolated from the stator and rotor.


⑨Limit block: limit the axial position of the linkage shaft.


⑩Standard parts: bolts - connecting the front cover, the rear cover and the valve body



Orbitrol is a high-precision mechanical product, and the error of any part may cause irreversible consequences, even endanger human life and health. So, before putting the orbitrol into use, please check carefully whether the parts are in good condition, if you think this is a troublesome thing, you can't do it by yourself. Then choose a manufacturer with a good reputation when buying orbitrol! A company has a good reputation, which at least shows the most basic thing: their products are reliable, and you don't have to worry about things going wrong when you use them.


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