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Generally speaking, the first four months of each year is the peak sales season for tractor products, which determines the trend of sales throughout the year, especially for large and medium-sized tractors, and the cumulative sales from January to April can account for more than 50% of the annual sales. The peak sales season is also the peak season of the industry, so in the first 4 months of each year, tractor manufacturers are working overtime to assemble tractors, and then in recent years, the sales of tractors are declining.


First, the reason for the decline in the number of tractor sales.


1. Lack of user confidence in purchasing. The main purpose of users to buy large tractors is in farmland operations, but in recent years, the purchase price of crops has been sluggish, resulting in a loss or small profit in the current year, which has dampened the enthusiasm for continued planting and input, coupled with the implementation of agricultural supply-side structural reforms in various places, reducing the planting area of corn and other crops, and the purchase price of wheat released by the government is not ideal, and farmers feel that the income is not optimistic, which inhibits the farmers' desire to buy.


2. The second is the reduction of the subsidy amount for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and some areas will list tractor products as non-new products and market saturated products, and reduce the amount of large and medium-sized single subsidies, with an annual reduction of about 4,000 yuan, which has intensified the psychology of farmers waiting to buy.


3. In addition, the social ownership of tractors has increased year by year, the income has been declining, and the social ownership of tractors has increased year by year, resulting in a decrease in the operating area of the operator, a decrease in the charging standard per mu, and it is difficult to increase the annual comprehensive income, and the recovery cycle of the purchase cost is extended, so it is unwilling to invest in the fund to buy tractors.


Second, the proposal to increase the number of tractors sales.


1. Preferential promotion is one of the most commonly used methods to increase sales, but it is necessary to grasp the range of discounts, the preferential range is too small, can not stimulate the user's desire to buy, resulting in invalid operation, the preferential range is too large, it will affect the future sales price system, resulting in the price level is difficult to recover, and the limited promotion time is also a thing that must be done, it is recommended that the total preferential period should not exceed two months, causing users a sense of urgency to buy the machine.


2. Improving product configuration to avoid price wars and maintain brand image also has certain benefits, it is best to add some configuration to the original product, without changing the model of the product, and not involving changing the overall structure of the product, such as considering installing large fuel tanks and toolboxes, enhancing filtration devices, etc.


3. In addition, you can also use the market downturn to adjust the sales network, but the design can not be too large, and to be quick to solve, to have an accurate assessment of the sales channel, focusing on the evaluation of market development ability and sales potential, can be adjusted in a timely manner against the annual sales plan target poor ability, small potential agents. At the same time, the use of new products to give special preferential policies to attract competitors, agents to join, to seize market share.


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