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Tractor valve is a key part of the hydraulic system to increase functionality, allowing the hydraulic system output to be connected to multiple actuators, such as hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, etc., for multi-functional control. Tractor valve refers to the valve device that controls the operation of various external hydraulic equipment by controlling the direction of oil flow, and its working principle is to use hydraulic oil to push the hydraulic cylinder to act, and has never achieved the purpose of controlling various hydraulic equipment.


The Tractor valve is available in both double-acting and single-acting roles. Double-acting refers to a valve with "push" and "pull" functions, which can achieve a push-pull function by flowing oil into or out of two hydraulic ports. For example, when using a hydraulic cylinder, the piston is pushed forward when the oil flows from one hydraulic port into the cylinder, and backward when the oil flows from the other port into the cylinder. Single-acting multi-way valves are valves that only have the function of "pushing" or "pulling", for example, when using a hydraulic lift, only oil needs to flow from one hydraulic port into the hydraulic cylinder, and the oil can flow backwards when descending, so only a single-acting multi-way valve is required to meet the requirements.


The double-acting valve is suitable for occasions where it is necessary to control the "push" and "pull" action of the hydraulic cylinder, such as the lifting and leaning of the tractor pylon. Whereas, single-acting valves are suitable for some operations that only require one-way control, such as the operation of a tractor pushing a forest mower forward. In the actual use process, for the sake of convenience, the double-acting multi-way valve may be set up as a single-acting multi-way valve to use, for example, in the lifting operation, the use of a hydraulic cylinder itself of the return pipeline, in the process of pushing, the valve port is closed, the hydraulic cylinder descends with the help of gravity, and in the descent process, the valve port is opened, and the flow can be smoothly returned, so that the single-acting multi-way valve can be used to meet the needs of the double-acting.


When choosing a Tractor Valve, we need to consider the following aspects:

1. The number and type of implementing agencies

2. Working pressure and flow rate of hydraulic system

3. Operation mode and frequency

4. Installation space and environmental conditions

When using Tractor Valve, we should also pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Regularly inspect, clean and replace seals

2. Avoid damage to the hydraulic system caused by overload and overheating

3. Choose regular brands and avoid using fake and shoddy products

4. Abide by the instructions for use during operation to avoid safety accidents caused by misoperation


The above is a detailed introduction to Tractor Valve, in the ordinary use process, in order to ensure the normal operation and service life of hydraulic equipment, please choose the right product according to the actual situation.


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