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The hydraulic directional valve is a valve that changes the direction of the execution component by changing the oil flow. There are many types of directional valves. Generally, different control methods can be divided into manual direction valve, motor conversion valve, electromagnetic directional valve, liquid dynamic direction valve, and electro -hydraulic exchanges valve. The hydraulic control valve is one of the important components in the hydraulic system component, which is used to control the pressure, flow, and flow direction of fluids in the hydraulic system to meet the different action requirements of each component execution mechanism. After understanding these contents, what should we choose?


For your hydraulic system can work normally, it is recommended to be cautious when choosing a hydraulic direction valve. Not only must we pursue the high efficiency of its work, but also pay attention to its life. High -quality hydraulic direction valve can ensure the long service life of the hydraulic switching valve. It not only saves costs, but also guarantees the continuous and stable operation of the hydraulic system. Although the economic and social impact is affected by the impact of the epidemic in recent years, the hydraulic market under the impact of the epidemic is still active, and consumers' demand for hydraulic components has remained at a certain level. And due to the continuous development of technology, the hydraulic market needs more innovative and more dynamic brands. By analyzing the situation of the hydraulic market in recent years, we have found that some old -fashioned hydraulic brands can no longer meet consumers' relevant needs because of their long -term lack of technological innovation. In such an environment, our Hanjiu Technology Team leads its research and development team, and has been committed to the development of hydraulic technology just to better meet consumers. Therefore, the hydraulic elements produced by Hantan Technology are extremely competitive. The core of hydraulic elements is the competition of hydraulic technology. In the field of hydraulic pressure, the Hanjiu Technology Team led by Mr. Han, which has decades of experience, continues to provide the most competitive hydraulic element for the hydraulic market. Take our company's HSV6-A hydraulic selection to turn to the solenoid valve as an example. The maximum flow of HSV6-A hydraulic selective steering solenoid valve is 50 liters per minute, and the operating speed is higher. It can switch the oil circuit between different flow and pressure at the fastest speed. In addition, it can also connect the oil pump and send the hydraulic oil to two different oil circuits. It is powerful and can be widely used in harvesters, sowing machines, sprayers, wood allocating machines, forestry trailers, cranes, etc., which are widely used. In addition to the HSV6-A hydraulic selection to the solenoid valve, the 1-valve core valve and the 3 valve core hydraulic overall valve of the 1 valve core of Hanjiu are also very high-quality. You can buy it with confidence. This high-quality hydraulic directional valve will definitely become your hydraulic system. Get strong assistant.


Now, Hanjiu Technology has become the first choice brand for consumers to buy hydraulic elements. We have a comprehensive commodity supply chain. From product production quality to the delivery service of goods, we can ensure that you provide you with the most perfect services and solve your purchasing purchase. problem. Growing with customers, always maintaining innovation of products and services, and always adhering to our quality standards is our company's pursuit. Choose our Hanjiu Technology Company to allow our professional team to meet your needs and move towards a win -win cooperation together.



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