What are the characteristics of the white hydraulic orbital motor


Have you browsed a lot of  hydraulic  motor infermation on the web in order to purchase a suitable white hydraulic orbital motor? Do the various models and similar parameters make your head spin while watching? If there is, don't worry, the editor will not show you all kinds of data here. These are displayed in great detail on Hanjiu's official website. You can check them on their official website at any time. Here we are going to discuss some interesting basics together, such as: understanding the characteristics of a hydraulic rail motor by comparison, and what special places it has compared to ordinary motors. After understanding these basic knowledge and then looking at the specific data, your purchase and use process will be much smoother.

The white hydraulic orbital motor is a type of hydraulic motor, and its performance can also be said to be the performance of the hydraulic motor. The hydraulic motor is a device that converts the pressure of the liquid into mechanical kinetic energy. In terms of working principle, the hydraulic motor and the hydraulic pump do not seem to have much difference. The hydraulic motor can be used as a hydraulic pump, and the hydraulic pump can also be used as a hydraulic pump. Hydraulic motor to use. Is this statement correct? In fact, both hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps work differently.

1. Hydraulic motors generally require forward and reverse rotation, so the internal structure should be symmetrical, while hydraulic pumps generally rotate in one direction, and there is no such requirement.

2. In order to reduce the oil suction positive force and reduce the radial force, the oil suction port of the general hydraulic pump is larger than the oil outlet size. The pressure in the low pressure chamber of the hydraulic motor is slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure, so there is no such requirement.

3. Hydraulic motors are required to work normally within a wide range of rotation speeds, therefore, hydrodynamic bearings or hydrostatic bearings should be used. Because when the motor speed is very low, if the dynamic pressure bearing is used, it is not easy to form a lubricating sliding film.

4. The centrifugal force of the reincarnation of the sub-high makes the blades always stick to the inner surface of the stator, which plays the role of sealing oil and forms a working volume. If it is used as a motor, a spring must be installed at the root of the vane of the hydraulic motor to ensure that the vane is always in contact with the inner surface of the stator, so that the motor can start normally.

5. The hydraulic pump needs to have self-priming ability in structure, but the hydraulic motor does not have this requirement.

   From the above comparison, we can clearly find that although hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps are similar, there are indeed many differences between the two. It is precisely because of these differences that many hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps cannot be used in reverse, and there will be differences in each product. This requires you to ask customer service carefully before taking action to determine the performance of the hydraulic motor. .

In terms of classification, according to the speed of hydraulic motors, it can be divided into two types: high-speed and low-speed. The standard for distinguishing is also very simple. If the rated speed is higher than 500r/min, it belongs to high-speed. On the contrary, if it is lower than 500r/min, it belongs to low-speed motor. .

The overall characteristics of  hydraulic orbital motor are similar, but each motor is also different in displacement torque. For the white hydraulic rail motor we mainly introduce today, its torque peak value is also different in different states. Not the same, but in general it is between 105-680, these data will affect your use effect.

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