white hydraulic motor parts breakdown


White Hydraulic Motor Company is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic motors, cycloidal hydraulic motors with brakes, axial piston pumps and other series of companies. For a long time, such as the United States, Germany, Finland and other places to provide products, its products are widely used in agricultural fields such as bulk feed trucks, forklifts and so on. As a well-known hydraulic motor manufacturer, many industries have White hydraulic motors, in the process of use, hydraulic motor parts will inevitably fail, let's take a look at the following common faults and solutions.


1. The motor temperature is too high, and the hydraulic motor cannot operate normally. This is usually due to overloaded operation of the motor or destruction of internal parts. When the motor temperature is too high, first try to load according to the provisions of the hydraulic motor, and then find out whether there are damaged parts, and replace the damaged parts.


 2. The noise of the hydraulic motor is too loud. There are usually three reasons: the hydraulic transmission system has gas: it runs too fast; Parts are destroyed. First, eliminate the gas in the system software according to the common problems of operation, secondly, adjust the motor speed ratio, and if it still cannot be solved, disassemble the motor to check whether there are any damaged parts.


 3. Oil leakage at the end cover of the motor bearing. The cause of this failure is usually caused by broken seals, scratches, or dirty objects in the input port or water flowing into it, causing the shaft to rust. It is also possible that excessive axial load or excessive back pressure can cause oil leakage. Maintenance needs to be eliminated according to one inspection: remove and replace the sealing ring; remove shaft rust; The axial load must not exceed the standard value; Connect the leaking pipeline.


4. Oil leakage on both sides of the stator of the motor, the fault is caused by the destruction of the "O" sealing ring of the hydraulic motor or dirt or burr at the fusion surface. We need to remove and replace the sealing ring, or disassemble, clean, grind and polish.


5. If it is found that the shaft of the hydraulic motor does not rotate, the reason may be: the equipment is stuck during the work; There is a problem with the system software. At this point we only need to check the equipment and system software at work.


The above is the common parts failure and repair method using White hydraulic motor. If you are worried about encountering difficult problems in the process of using hydraulic motors or worried that you will not be able to operate, you can consider Hanjiu's products, we have outstanding engineers and customer teams to provide you with technical support.


Hanjiu as a professional hydraulic motor product company, dedicated to users in the pre-sale and after-sales technical support, you buy Hanjiu company's products, within one year of problems can contact us, there will be a special person to receive you, to provide you with technical support. Hanjiu company has been established for more than ten years, the customer service has been all over the world, we have a place in the market with excellent product quality and high cost performance. You are always welcome to contact us.


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