Why is the development of hydraulic components in China so fast?


As the key technology of transmission and control, hydraulic technology is the core technology and basic component technology widely used in the industrial field. It is the advent and rapid development of hydraulic technology that has prompted the equipment manufacturing industry and other fields to continuously improve performance and level. As a big manufacturing country, China, which is leaping from a "manufacturing power", should pay special attention. Therefore, this is the opportunity and challenge of my country's hydraulic industry. Seize the opportunity, our equipment manufacturing industry will also have a qualitative leap.

In the international environment, Danfoss acquired Eaton and became a giant in the hydraulic industry, which invisibly put pressure on other companies that produce hydraulic products. There is an old Chinese saying, "If you don't advance, you will retreat". Progress will be eliminated by the market, forcing the hydraulic company to reform and innovate its development strategy. Recently, the relationship between Russia and Ukraine has been tense, and the old hydraulic powers such as the United States, Japan, and Germany have successively imposed sanctions on Russia in various aspects. Russia's hydraulic demand has turned to its "back-to-back" good friend-China, and Chinese hydraulic companies have received greater In the market, as hydraulic motors suppliers, many companies have given priority to supplying products to the Russian market. Therefore, the relationship between Russia and China has become more friendly, the hyd motor made in China is of high quality, the Russian side is also very satisfied with our hydraulic motors price, and is willing to reach a long-term cooperation with the Chinese hyd motor company.

In recent years, China's hydraulic industry enterprises have become an important cornerstone of the equipment manufacturing industry and the basic industry of the machinery industry through technology introduction, digestion, absorption and re-creation, repeated technological transformation and process re-engineering, supporting major national projects and key projects. achieved remarkable results. China's self-manufactured hydraulic products have been successfully applied to the aviation field. The three recently launched Tianping 2 ABC satellites and the Shenzhou 13, which carried three astronauts into space six months ago, all have self-manufactured hydraulic products, which is enough to see China Hydraulics has moved to a new level.

In terms of policy, China's "Thirteenth Five-Year" Development Master Plan for the Hydraulic Pneumatic Seal Industry and "Made in China 2025" successively released in recent years proposed that it is necessary to focus on China's concentrated advantages, improve product quality, and accelerate the pace of replacing high-end imported products. intelligent process. It can be seen that China's manufacturing plan has achieved initial results. Many manufacturing industries have made rapid progress. Through technological improvement and innovation, they have rapidly narrowed the gap with foreign manufacturing powerhouses, and even become a leader in the industry at home and abroad. This is the case with HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, which has become a made-in-China company. Industry pride! In the increasingly fierce international industry competition, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY can still not forget the original intention, forge ahead, strive to be the industry benchmark, and lead the development of the industry. Their goal is to ensure that customers receive fast, efficient and reliable services. While diligently researching and developing new products, it also guarantees customer service experience. This is probably why HANJIU TECHNOLOGY seizes the opportunity of the national development plan and uses it as a springboard to leap to the international stage! It has to be said that in addition to advanced technology and thoughtful service, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's management and development strategies are also worthy of reference and learning from other companies.

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