International monopoly emerges after Danfoss buys Eaton Hydraulics


Danfoss acquired Eaton's hydraulics business, and it was a great event for Danfoss to turn competition into today's collaboration. Following the acquisition, Danfoss expanded its business to become a leader in mobile and industrial hydraulics. It is believed that Danfoss, which has become an industry giant, will continue to expand the market, and even an international monopoly will appear.

For peer companies, this is also a good opportunity to seize the opportunity to reform and innovate, and take advantage of the opportunity to "overtake", which is not only a pressure, but also a driving force for the development of the company. As far as I know, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY , a hydraulic company, has quickly innovated and improved all aspects of its products and services. It is one of the very famous hydraulic motors manufacturers in China, and it already has a good position in the Chinese market. Influenced by the acquisition of Danfoss, it is upgrading its industrial chain and expanding its business scope. While improving technology, they also minimize profits, form price and quality advantages, and are committed to developing the most cost-effective hydraulic and other related products in the market, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of hyd motor and strive for good in the international market. reputation and achievements!

Since HANJIU TECHNOLOGY 's products were launched, they have won the trust and recognition of domestic and foreign customers with their unique design concepts, good quality and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services. They always put quality first, focus on hydraulics, So that more and more companies come to cooperate. Especially under the influence of the tense relations between Russia and Ukraine, Russia has been excluded from the international market, and more and more EU countries have announced sanctions against Russia, but in terms of hyd motor, Russia has never been worried, as Russia's back-to-back good Friends, Chinese companies rely on credit and reputation. The contracts and agreements signed with relevant companies that cooperate with Russia will not be affected in any way and will give priority to supply, ensuring that the Russian hydraulic industry under the "international encirclement and suppression" can continue to operate efficiently and all walks of life. It is also not affected by it, so the HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is also well received in Russia. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY can produce all hydraulic motor types required by the market, so whether it is internal or external sales, it can meet the market demand, and can ensure high-quality and quantitative output.

Hydraulic motors play a vital role in production and life, and their quality also needs to be checked layer by layer. The hydraulic products sold by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY are not only of good quality and low price, but also excellent pre-sales and after-sales service! On their website , we can directly see the photos of the factory, and we can see that this is definitely the standardized production process of a large company, which injects a booster to consumers, and the products can be trusted. In the hydraulic trade monopoly plan that Danfoss wants to carry out, Chinese enterprises will never be suppressed because of this, but they will make every effort to become stronger and bigger, create a sky of their own, stabilize their own market, The market share at home and abroad continues to rise, and it is widely praised! The corporate development strategy of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is correct. It has seized the opportunities squeezed by the international situation, broke through the siege of products, constantly innovated, and constantly optimized the company structure and sales model. It is worthy of being a model of contemporary Chinese enterprises!


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