4 way 3 position hydraulic valve


Solenoid directional valve uses electromagnet to push the valve core to control the direction of liquid flow. The electromagnetic reversing valve can make the operation light, easy to realize automatic operation, so the application is very wide.Solenoid reversing valve only uses electromagnet to control the spool movement, and the spool structure and type can be a variety of, so the solenoid spool can be two two, two three, four, three four and three five and other types. Generally two position valve with an electromagnet, three position valve need to use two electromagnets. 


The electromagnet used to control the solenoid valve is divided into AC and DC, and the voltage of AC electromagnet is generally 220 volts. It is characterized by large starting power, short reversing time and low price. But when the spore is stuck or the suction is not enough to make the iron core can not be sucked on, the electromagnet is easy to burn out due to excessive current, so the working reliability is poor, the action has impact, and the life is low. Dc electromagnet voltage is generally 24 volts. Its advantages are reliable work, not because of the spore stuck and burned out, long life, small size, but the starting power is smaller than the AC electromagnet, and in the absence of DC power supply, the need for rectification equipment. Electromagnetic directional valve in order to improve the working reliability and life expectancy, three four-way solenoid valve has closed cavity, in the different position of the open hole, each hole leads to different tubing, cavity valve is among, both sides are two electromagnets, which face the magnet coil electricity will be attracted to read body which side, by controlling the movement of the valve body blocked or leakage of different discharge of oil hole, and the oil hole is often Open, the hydraulic oil will enter a different discharge pipe, and then through the pressure of the oil to push the oil rigid piston, the piston in turn drives the piston rod, the piston rod drives the mechanical device. This controlled mechanical motion by controlling the current of the electromagnet. The function of the three-position four-way directional valve is used to change the flow direction of the pressure oil. The remote control hydraulic throttle valve is opened, closed or maintained the same opening degree, so as to control the reduction, increase or stability of shut-in casing pressure and vertical pressure. The three-position four-way solenoid directional valve is a new product developed for G series forklift truck and obtained national patent. It is an essential component for all kinds of forklift electric hydraulic reversing. In order to ensure the quality, the factory test standard of the solenoid valve is completely in accordance with the international standard: under the harsh conditions of oil temperature of 130 degrees and rated voltage of negative 15%, it can meet the performance requirements. Three-way four-position valve has the following characteristics: hydraulic components all original imported, timely delivery; A large number of conventional spot inventory, hydraulic valve parts commonly used inventory of more than 2000 pieces; The product is suitable for heavy load and harsh working conditions, long service life; The key dimensions of the manufacturing process are controlled by the original imported forming tools from the United States and Japan. At least four burr removal and pressure cleaning operations; 100% loop logic and function test to ensure reliable valve assembly performance.


Precision HanJiu company product structure, the use of safe, strong stability, high precision, we is to guarantee the quality of good faith business, our company's electromagnetic hydraulic valve species diversity, there are two two-way, two three links, two cross, three or four and three five etc. Various type allows you to choose, moreover your inquiry is our biggest support, welcome customers to contact us.


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