Classification of hydro control valves


Hydraulic valve is a kind of using the pressure principle, control of automation devices with pressure oil, can be used to control the oil, liquid, water, gas and other channel system of the oil pressure, flow and liquid flow direction change or stop, the use of hydraulic valve, transmission for long distance oil is very useful, in addition, east, west to east gas pipeline, there are a lot of applications in such aspects as the south-north water diversion.


Common hydraulic valves can be divided into the following categories:

1. Check valve can be divided into ordinary check valve and liquid-controlled check valve.Ordinary check valve only allows liquid flow through one way,and the liquid-controlled check valve can also reverse the flow in the pilot pressure.

2.The relief valve has different uses in different occasions.For example,in the quantitative pump throttling speed regulation system,the relief valve is used to keep the pressure of the hydraulic system(that is,the outlet pressure of the hydraulic pump)constant,and the excess flow of the hydraulic pump overflow back to the tank,then the overflow is used as the constant pressure valve.In the volumethrottling speed regulating system,the relief valve is closed when the hydraulic system is working normally,only when the system pressure is greater than or equal to the relief valve set pressure to open the overflow,the system plays an overload protection role,then the relief valve is used as a safety valve.

3.Pressure reducing valve is a pressure control device that uses liquid flow through the crack barrier to produce pressure loss,So that the outlet pressure is lower than the inlet pressure.According to different regulation requirements,pressure reducing valve can be divided into constant pressure reducing valve,constant ratio pressure reducing valve and constant difference pressure reading.The constant pressure reducing valve is used to control the outlet pressure as a fixed value,so that a certain part of the hydraulic system can get a stable pressure lower than the oil supply pressure.For example,when the clamping or positioning device of the machine tool hydraulic system requires a constant pressure lower than the main oil circuit,the constant pressure reducing valve can be used to achieve.The constant ratio pressure reducing valve is used to control its inlet and outlet pressure to keep the same proportion of setting.Fixed-difference decompression reading is used to control the inlet and outlet pressure difference for a fixed value,can be formed with other valves speed regulating valve,fixed-difference decompression type electro-hydraulic proportional direction flow reading and other composite valves,to achieve the throttle valve port at both ends of the differential pressure compensationto output constant flow.

4 The function of the sequence valve is to use the oil pressure as a control signal to control the on-off of the oil circuit,because it is used to control the action sequence of multiple actuator components.The sequence is divided into direct moving type and pilot type.According to the different sources of control pressure,there are internal control and external control;According to the different oil leakage type,there are two kinds of internal leakage type and external leakage type.By changing the source of the control pressure,the way of oil leakage and the connection form of the secondary oil circuit,the sequence valve can be used for a variety of purposes,such as the internal control and internal leakage type sequence valve can be used as the back pressure valve in the system,and the external control and internal leakage type sequence valve can be used as the unloading valve.

5. The same service valve is a valve that accepts the analog volume control signal and outputs the corresponding analog volume fluid,including hydraulic servo valve,electro-hydraulic servo valve,machine-hydraulic servo valve,hydraulic flow servo valve,hydraulic pressure servo valve and four,three,two access valve,etc.


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