About the future of hydraulic components


Hydraulic components are power components, control components, actuators, auxiliary components and other components used in hydraulic systems. There are many types and are widely used in engineering equipment, agricultural equipment, metallurgical mining equipment, plastic equipment and other industries. Therefore, The hydraulic industry plays an important role in the construction of the national economy. Although hydraulic is a traditional industry, it is definitely an enduring and timeless industry that will not be replaced.

In the past, the hydraulic equipment was outdated and the hydraulic components were in short supply. The construction of the country was difficult. Hydraulic components were a necessity. Later, by breaking the blockade and technological innovation, the hydraulic system gradually improved, and the entire hydraulic environment was changing, especially the international changes were changing with each passing day.

From the upstream industry of hydraulic components, the prices of basic industrial raw materials and steel required are greatly reduced. The reduction in raw material prices means that the hydraulic industry can develop more hydraulic motors types and reduce the production cost of hydraulic motors manufacturers. The price of hydraulic motors will become lower, and the penetration rate of hyd motors in daily production and life will be higher. In this way, it is very beneficial to the development of the hydraulic components industry.

With the rapid progress of the hydraulic components industry, industrial upgrading, product technology, technical level and quality standards are constantly improving, and after-sales service, which was previously ignored by the industry, is gradually being valued by hydraulic motors suppliers. This is the case with HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, a Chinese hydraulic company. While developing hyd motor, for pre-sales services, they will display all the company's product photos, specifications, drawings, uses and other detailed information on the website, and attach A variety of contact methods, so that consumers can understand the product information at a glance, and they can also ask questions or submit orders to this company at any time. In addition, we can also learn the latest information about hyd motor on the company's website. There are even small articles about popular science about hyd motor, which can be easily understood by laymen. For after-sales service, their contact information is very detailed. Regarding hyd motor's technical support, they are online 24 hours a day, so there is no need to worry about time difference. In addition, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has an independent design and development department so that they can quickly propose Hydraulic solution and solve after-sales problems. 

From the perspective of the downstream industries of hydraulic components, the need for infrastructure construction will bring very large development space and business opportunities for hydraulic components. Among them, cement mixer trucks are just in demand and have a large market capacity, and are an important part of cement mixer trucks. , the demand for Low Speed ​​High Torque Motor will be greatly driven. The great demand for engineering equipment and industrial equipment is also the great demand for hydraulic components, and economic construction is indeed inseparable from the development of hydraulic components.

In just 15 years, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has become one of the market leaders recognized by consumers at home and abroad, and has won many international honors. At the same time, attract more talents, improve the quality of employees, improve product quality, develop more product types, expand sales channels, and improve service effects.


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