Assembly of the orbital steering motor


In the previous article, we shared how to disassemble the orbital steering motor. Today, let's take a look at how the disassembled orbital steering motor should be assembled!


First of all, you need to replace and inspect the damaged parts such as dial pins, positioning springs, etc., to ensure that there are no missing damaged parts, and to ensure that the new parts installed are of proper size and no damage. Then follow the steps below to assemble.


1. Use -10 light diesel oil to clean all parts.

2. Install the positioning spring in the long slotted holes of the valve sleeve and the valve stem, and make the 18 pairs of small holes of the valve sleeve and the valve stem opposite to each other, and stagger each other when they rotate an angle.

3. Install the pin, collar, thrust ring, thrust bearing, and then push the housing.

4. Install the cover and O-ring and then tighten the screws.

5. Invert the shell, put the steel ball, and screw on the screw sleeve.

6. Put the O-ring and linkage.       

7. Install the stator and rotor according to the mark.

8. First screw on the fixing screw with nails at the oil inlet, and then screw the other screws.

9. Screw on the oil pipe according to the mark, and install the full hydraulic steering gear on the harvester.


In addition, it should be noted that all parts need to be carefully cleaned before installation. When installing the valve core and valve sleeve, it should be ensured that under the action of the elastic force of the spring sheet, the positioning grooves of the valve sleeve and the valve core are aligned with each other, and the valve core and the valve sleeve are aligned. The 18 pairs of small holes in the lower part are aligned with each other, so that the valve core and valve sleeve are in the correct "neutral" position. When installing the linker, pay attention to the assembly mark, and make the mark on the spline of the linker align with the mark on the spline teeth of the rotor; The center line of the tooth slot shall not be installed in disorder. Finally, it should be tested after installation is complete. The installed steering gear should rotate flexibly without sticking.


When there is a small problem with the orbital steering motor, the user can eliminate the problem by replacing the damaged part. This problem-solving method is only suitable for users who know the structure of the orbital steering motor well and have extensive professional knowledge. In fact, most users lack relevant knowledge. If they do not know the relevant principles, it is best for users not to easily disassemble the related components of the orbital steering motor. The orbital steering motor is a high-precision component, and random disassembly may cause damage to the product. The secondary injury affects the maintenance of professionals.


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