Disassembly and precautions of orbital hydraulic steering motors


As we all know, the hydraulic motor provides power through the hydraulic potential energy to drive the operation of the machine. The hydraulic steering gear is a set of gear mechanisms that complete the rotary motion to the linear motion (or approximate linear motion), and is also a reduction gear in the steering system. It is the most important part of the steering system. Its function is to increase the force transmitted from the steering wheel to the steering transmission mechanism and to change the direction of force transmission. The application range of orbital hydraulic steering motors is very wide, widely used in low-speed heavy-duty vehicles such as agricultural machinery, marine machinery, garden machinery, road maintenance machinery, construction machinery and mining machinery. It is an indispensable and important element in the mechanical hydraulic steering system. Due to its small size, light weight, flexible steering and other structural characteristics, the hydraulic steering gear has been widely used in modern large-scale agricultural machinery. However, orbital hydraulic steering motors are high-precision components, and most users lack the relevant knowledge and dare not disassemble and repair them easily, which makes some minor faults more and more serious, and ultimately affects the work. Below I will share some precautions for the disassembly of orbital hydraulic steering motors. Follow the steps below to avoid unnecessary damage to the orbital hydraulic steering motors during the disassembly process and easily eliminate the failure of the steering gear.


1. Remove the oil on the outside of the steering gear.

2. Unscrew the four oil pipes, make a mark, and wrap the pipe head to prevent dirt and debris from entering.

3. Thoroughly clean the outside of the steering gear with -10" light diesel oil.

4. Turn the steering gear casing upside down, unscrew the screws that fix the two-way rotor pump, and remove the two-way rotor pump and its oil distribution plate.

5. Unscrew the screw sleeve and take out the check valve and steel ball.

6. Unscrew the fixing screws of the upper cover and take out the thrust bearing and thrust ring.

7. Push out the valve sleeve and valve stem parts from the lower part.

8. Take out the dial pin and the positioning spring, and disassemble the valve sleeve and valve stem.


In addition to the above items, you also need to pay attention to clean up the workplace environment, keep it clean and tidy, and be familiar with the internal structure of the hydraulic steering gear before disassembly. If you are not familiar with the internal structure, you can go to the official website of Hanjiu. There is a lot of professional knowledge about hydraulic motors on Hanjiu. In addition, during disassembly and assembly, the sealing rubber ring and the joint surface should not be damaged or scratched, and the parts should not collide with each other to avoid scratching the cover of the oil distribution valve and the joint surface of the two-way rotor pump. Finally, before installation, all parts need to be carefully cleaned with clean light diesel oil, absolutely not scrubbed with cotton yarn, and need to be coated with a layer of clean engine oil before starting assembly.


The precautions for the disassembly of orbital hydraulic steering motors are shared here. If you strictly follow the above steps, you will basically not go wrong. If you still feel uneasy, you can choose a production company with a long product warranty when purchasing, such as Hanjiu technology company.


All products of Hanjiu have a one-year warranty period. During this period, you can contact Hanjiu to help you solve any problems with the products themselves that cause you to not be able to use them normally. In addition, Hanjiu's official website has comprehensive and detailed professional knowledge of hydraulic products, from purchase items to daily maintenance, learning this knowledge can help product users to have a clearer understanding of the product and save a lot of trouble. In addition to orbital hydraulic steering motors, Hanjiu also sells other hydraulic products. Most of the hydraulic products on the market are available in Hanjiu, and these products are very cost-effective and cheap. At the same time, the quality can also be perfect with those of well-known brands such as Danfoss. replace. Hanjiu Company www.hjhydraulic.com, welcome your visit!


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