Auger Torque is mainly a hydraulic motor?


In the construction industry, cutting-edge equipment, high-tech and advanced processes are very important. Hydraulic construction equipment is a very typical example, because excellent hydraulic construction equipment can make the contractor's project basically efficient operation. Augers are such a suitable equipment for excavation, making your work easier and more efficient. Hydraulic augers are hydraulically or electrically driven, and hydraulics provide consistent torque, bentonite, clay without compromising hydraulic performance, and run as smoothly as air and electric rigs, but provide more powerful power. Diesel and gasoline-driven augers are more powerful, but diesel-steam-driven augers cause very loud noise and are rather unsuitable for enclosed or semi-enclosed construction spaces.


As a result, the growing number of contracting companies in recent years have increasingly opted to add hydraulic excavation tools to their existing excavation equipment inventory – and where to look for the hydraulic motors needed for such tools? HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is a top hydraulic motor manufacturer, precision manufactured hydraulic motors, only for hydraulic systems to provide solutions. So, if you are looking for a way to make your work more effective, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is a wise choice.


HANJIU TECHNOLOGY manufactures hydraulic rail motors, hydraulic steering units, hydraulic direction control valves, BMR hydraulic rail motors and BMS hydraulic rail motors on a large scale. Products through the ISO9001 quality system certification, widely used in lifting and transportation equipment, mining machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery and other fields. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has a number of exclusive patents, can completely independently develop, produce, manufacture a large number of high-quality hydraulic components, with the professional business level and mature and stable technology in the field of hydraulic technology, the rapid rise in the field of research and development. Our company can meet the individual needs of users, providing a variety of special specifications of customized products. The company has the world's leading hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor test bench, which can strictly implement quality inspection standards for products. Importers, distributors and individual users will HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's products as the most comprehensive cost-effective alternative, the market reputation is extremely high, consumer recognition, customer response is warm, widely praised.


HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has a wide range of types of fist products hydraulic motors, advanced manufacturing devices such as Gerotor gear sets and Geroler gear sets, covering a small footprint, high work efficiency, long operating life under extreme conditions, smooth and reliable operation, and the ability to provide high pressure and high torque. If you are confused about choosing the type of motor, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY can select the recommended suitable hydraulic motor for you.


HANJIU TECHNOLOGY adheres to the management belief of "taking science and technology as the reputation and developing by quality", and every manufacturing process and every hydraulic component reflects the principle of standard, professionalism and customer interests. Our company continues to develop new products, in order to continuously improve the performance of components, and strive to open up the market, with superior quality products, sound and complete service to meet user needs, relying on quality and service based on the hydraulic industry, wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to negotiate business, and seek common development.


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