Hydraulic Auger core components


We can see excavators everywhere on the construction site. With the development of the economy, demolition, renovation of old buildings, and various construction projects are everywhere, people are more and more inseparable from hydraulic auger. It can be used to excavate the pavement made of cement, demolish the cement pillars or floor slabs on the project, etc. It is a good helper for construction projects.

   Hydraulic auger is a spiral blade drilling machine. We take hydraulic auger core components very seriously, literally, the core is the most delicate or essential or important part of a thing or an idea. If a product can't even do the core components well, it must not be a good and trustworthy product. We've done a good job at this.

In addition, the auger motor is a drill rod with a screw blade, and the soil can return to the ground along the screw blade during operation. Our hydraulic auger adopts the improved hydraulic motor, high-precision gear, secondary reduction box, split output shaft, non-deformed base plate, and anti-swing cross bracket. It is very easy to move and operate. It is also a new generation of drilling and excavation tools.

It’s core component, the hydraulic motor, works on the conversion of energy. By converting the liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy, the machine can be turned rapidly. Widely used in cranes, construction machinery and other large machinery. According to the rotational speed, hydraulic motors are divided into two categories: high-speed and low-speed. The speed of the high-speed hydraulic motor is as high as 500r/min, and the speed of the low-speed hydraulic motor is lower than 500r/min. It can be rotated not only clockwise but also counterclockwise. The mechanical efficiency of this product is very high. If the loss of the motor is ignored, the output power is approximately equal to the input power.

   I believe that everyone will consider the cost-effectiveness when purchasing things, whether it is clothing or machines. Then I will introduce the benefits and advantages of our product. The first is that HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is a reliable hydraulic motors supplier, and we guarantee the normal operation of the machine. Importantly, the hydraulic motors produced by our company make the hydraulic auger not only compact in construction, light in weight, but also very shock-resistant and less affected by inertia, so the quality is unquestionable.

Hydraulic auger, powered by HANJIU's hydraulic products, can easily allows you to break through hard concrete or rock. It is practical and has a long service life, high quality, low price, and high cost performance. It is definitely your best choice.

Our company, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY, produces high-quality hydraulic motors for hydraulic augers. At the same time, through the production of various specifications of hydraulic motors, different hydraulic motors can be used with various specifications of excavators, loaders, etc. to make the drilling deeper. The company introduced a number of advanced machines in 2010, and the production facilities are large-scale factories in northern China and produce more than 300,000 units each year. At present, the HANJIU brand is becoming one of the hydraulic brands with the widest scope and depth in the global hydraulic product market. The company has been striving for survival by quality, development by reputation, satisfying the needs of customers with high-quality products and services, and looking forward to cooperating with new and old customers at home and abroad. With highly qualified and professional engineers and technicians, our company is worthy of your trust, welcome comes to select and purchase!

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