BK913-2 Static Wet Hydraulic Brake


BK913-2 static wet hydraulic brake is suitable for lower speed application of scissors type aerial work platform and agricultural machinery and others with wheel mounting. The feature:


* The output shaft adopts the same heavy duty roller bearing in front and behind, which is bigger ability on radial load.

* It adopts optimized disc brake piece and spring load, for reliable braking and good endurance.

* Optimizing piston and loading mechanism, to provide the minimum dimension of wheel connection method.

* With double braking release port, in order to discharge the braking cylinder gas or external brake fluid.

* Big braking torque, suitable for static braking.


Main Specification

Min. Static Torque [Nm] 1700
Release Pressure [MPa] 2.8
Max. Release Pressure [MPa] 21
Max. Speed [rpm] 300
Release Volume [cm*cm*cm] 12
Oil Volume [cm*cm*cm] 100~120
Max. Pressure of 
Lubrication oil port [MPa]
Weight [kg] 20


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