Roller stator hydraulic motor


Hydraulic technology and solutions are widely used in some automatic control fields such as civil and commercial, which greatly improves the comfort of modern life and promotes the development of some fields. As an enterprise that has been rooted in the hydraulic field for more than ten years, Hanjiu has already formed a complete production chain in the production of hydraulic products, with an annual output of more than 500,000 units of hydraulic track motors and steering gear for production and export.


Hanjiu can undertake all the production of repairing walking, steering, power transmission and lifting systems. Specifications ranging from large to small are available for sale. The engine displacement of Hanjiu is currently on sale from 50 ml/ to 1000 ml/rev, the displacement of the steering device is from 80 ml/ to 1000 ml/rev, and the maximum cylinder bore is 1200 mm, length up to 10,000 mm, pressure up to 40 MPa, light, medium and heavy vehicles can find suitable hydraulic fittings in Hanjiu brand. Due to the advanced technology and the imported high-end machines for manufacturing devices, Hanjiu motors and steering devices are more compact in structure, smaller in size, low in noise, and perform well under high-voltage working conditions. Our protagonist model today is BMER's roller stator hydraulic motor, which is a high-level motor manufactured by Hanjiu. It is mainly used for 100% replacement of European brands such as Danfoss, M+S, Eaton and other brands. It is characterized by small size, efficient. Low friction and long life are also the common advantages of Hanjiu motors. BMER roller stator hydraulic motor has a solid shell with super large capacity side load, internal check valve, is escort seal, its shaft seal can withstand high back pressure, this motor can be used in parallel or in series For use, Geroler and drive adopt SMT series motor parameters to prolong the service life.


Almost all products of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. can be interchanged with Danfoss, Char lynn, M+S, and Rexroth series. This roller stator hydraulic motor is no exception. Enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. If you have any needs, please go to the official website of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. for consultation, and the professional customer service will reply to your questions within 24 hours.


roller stator hydraulic motor

roller stator hydraulic motor

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roller stator hydraulic motor

roller stator hydraulic motor pdf

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danfoss roller stator hydraulic

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roller stator hydraulic motor

roller stator hydraulic motor




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