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We are Hanjiu, a company specializing in the production of cycloidal hydraulic motors and steering gears, today we are introducing a BMH series of 500 type rail hydraulic motors for concrete pumps.


BM type cycloidal hydraulic motor is a kind of internal meshing cycloidal gear type small, low speed, large torque hydraulic motors, its structure is simple, low speed performance is good, short-term overload capacity is strong, compared with other types of hydraulic motors of the same displacement, with small size, light weight, large output torque and other advantages, the tubing only needs to be directly connected with the inlet and outlet of the motor, you can work, change the direction of oil flow, can get different directions of rotation. Motors can be widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation, oil mining, machine manufacturing and other departments, such as hydraulic presses, conveyors, operators, injection molding machines, road sweepers, cranes and other mechanical equipment and other places that need to change speed and direction.Our company specializes in the production of many bm series products, such as BMM, BMV, BMT etc., and the BMH series we launched today is also one of the branches of the bm series. BMH series cycloidal hydraulic motor is an axial distribution hydraulic motor, the series of motors using columnar rotary stator pay, with high pressure working and can automatically compensate the structure, so that the whole machine has efficient retention and long working life. Our hydraulic motor type BMH, in contrast, has an output shaft with a deep groove ball bearing, allowing it to withstand certain trend and radial forces. At the same time in terms of function: its drive connector, our technical team has adopted an exclusive special design, so that its service life is greatly extended, improve its cost performance, in the design of the distribution system, our technical team also uses an exclusive design, so that it can meet your needs for low noise when working in the unit. In terms of appearance: his small size, and easy to install, can solve a lot of installation and transportation troubles for you.


The hydraulic motor operated by our company has introduced advanced production equipment to the largest factory in northern China, producing more than 500,000 units per year. At the same time, we take integrity first, quality first as the principle, from the processing and assembly of parts and products factory has a set of perfect system, product quality and product stability have a good guarantee, and can replace most of Danfoss, Eaton and other hydraulic motors pdf. We operate cycloidal hydraulic motors all year round, and have a large number of stock, welcome to inquire hope to become your most loyal partner!


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