Characteristics and Hydraulic Motors Types


BM type cycloidal pinwheel hydraulic motor is a small, low-speed, high-torque internal meshing cycloidal pinwheel hydraulic motor. Simple structure, good low-speed performance, and strong short-time overload capacity. Compared with hydraulic motors, it has the advantages of small size, light weight and large output torque. The oil pipe only needs to be directly connected to the oil inlet and outlet of the motor to work, change the direction of oil flow, and obtain different rotation directions, so it has won the favor of many customers.


The cycloid hydraulic motor of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. can be divided into vane hydraulic motor, plunger hydraulic motor, gear hydraulic motor and other types according to the structure type. The vane hydraulic motor is small in size, small in moment of inertia, and sensitive in action, and is suitable for occasions with high commutation frequency; however, it has large leakage and is unstable at low speed. Therefore, vane hydraulic motors are generally used in occasions with high speed, small torque and sensitive action requirements; plunger hydraulic motors are widely used for their advantages of low noise, high efficiency, long life, high power, and variable flow. Widely used in various fields, such as agricultural spreaders, drilling rigs, forklifts, road rollers, road rollers and other construction machinery; gear hydraulic motors have poor sealing performance, low volumetric efficiency, and the input oil pressure cannot be too high. produces high torque. And the instantaneous speed and torque change with the position of the meshing point, so the gear hydraulic motor is only suitable for occasions with high speed and low torque. Hanjiu recommends them for construction machinery, agricultural machinery and mechanical equipment that do not require high torque uniformity.


According to the rated speed of the hydraulic oil motor, it is divided into two categories: high-speed hydraulic motor and low-speed hydraulic motor. Motors with rated speed higher than 500r/min are high-speed motors. The basic forms of high-speed motors are gear type, vane type and axial piston type. Its main features are fast speed and small moment of inertia, which is convenient for starting, braking, speed regulation and reversing. In contrast, hydraulic motors with a speed lower than 500r/min belong to low-speed hydraulic motors. Its basic form is radial plunger type. The main features of the low-speed hydraulic motor are: large displacement, large volume, low speed, can be directly connected with the working mechanism, no need for a reduction device, which greatly simplifies the transmission mechanism, and the output torque of the low-speed hydraulic motor is very large, up to several thousand to several thousand. 10,000 N·m, so it is also called a low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor.


Hanjiu is a company specializing in the production of BM series cycloid hydraulic motors and BZZ steering gears. We have highly professional and experienced technicians, and have introduced several sets of the most advanced production equipment. We are currently the largest factory in northern China. We specialize in manufacturing and can customize any type of motor, regardless of size or displacement, to meet your needs. And our product supply is very rich, we can provide you with BMV, BMT, BMM, BMP, BMR, BMH, BMS, BMER and other types of products. Thousands of products are exported around the world every year. Our factory adheres to the principle of integrity first and quality first. From employee onboarding, raw material supply, to parts processing, assembly, delivery and a series of processes, it has a complete product quality system, is committed to building an internationally renowned brand, and hopes to reach long-term cooperation with more hydraulic product demanders. I believe we will become your most trusted partner! 



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