Can Earthmoving Attachments be produced without hydraulic motors?


Earth moving machinery is an important production machine. Urban construction of roads, building houses, and transporting building materials all require earth moving machinery. So the production of earth moving machinery and earthmoving attachments is crucial. Can Earthmoving Attachments be produced without hydraulic motors? The answer is no. If the earthmoving machinery is to operate, the earthmoving accessories are inseparable from the hydraulic motor.


Hydraulic motors play an important role in the production of earthmoving attachments. As one of the components of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic motor is an actuator that can convert the hydraulic pressure into mechanical energy to maintain the operation of the earthmoving machinery. Some say earthmoving attachments can also be powered by electric motors or by air motors. In fact, both motor-driven and pneumatic-driven motors have their own advantages. We need to choose the appropriate motor components according to actual needs. For example, it is recommended to use a hydraulic motor when the floor space is small, because to achieve the same power, the floor space of the electric motor may be about twice as large as that of the hydraulic press. So if you want to save space, a hydraulic motor is better for you than an electric motor. Then again, the pneumatic drive motor. The pneumatic transmission motor converts air pressure into mechanical energy by compressing air, so it needs to consume a lot of gas. For this reason, the output power of the pneumatic transmission motor is smaller than that of the hydraulic motor, the output power is also lower, and the stability is poor. Since the pneumatic transmission motor is usually a positive displacement pneumatic transmission motor, the gas is prone to friction in the container to generate large vibration and noise. The hydraulic motor is relatively quiet. If your production base is close to the place of residence, then the hydraulic motor is your better choice. In the production of earthmoving accessories, it is best to use hydraulic motors because of their small footprint, high power, and low noise. These benefits are important for earthmoving attachments.


Choosing a hydraulic motor with good performance is equally important in the production of earthmoving attachments. A well-performing hydraulic motor can provide a higher capacity conversion rate, more stable speed output, lower noise, and a larger adjustment range for earthmoving attachments. The hydraulic motor produced by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY may be your good choice. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is an international hydraulic motors manufacturer. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has always focused on the research and upgrading of hydraulic motors, and is committed to improving the performance of hydraulic motors. The hydraulic motors produced by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY have done a good job in stabilizing output and reducing noise. At present, experts at HANJIU TECHNOLOGY are studying how to improve the efficiency of energy conversion and transmission, and have also made considerable achievements. Know that every 3% increase in the energy conversion efficiency of a hydraulic motor can save a lot of energy costs while maintaining high quality at a reduced cost.


There are many kinds of hydraulic motors in HANJIU TECHNOLOGY to choose from, such as BMM, BMP, BMPH and BMPW, etc. They have their own advantages and are suitable for different kinds of earth-moving machinery and produce different earth-moving accessories. For example, the hydraulic motors of the BMM series are small in size, high in efficiency and long in service life, and are suitable for small earth-moving machinery or machinery that needs to be used for a long time. There are also hydraulic motors of the BMPH series, which can withstand the high voltage of the motor and can be used in both parallel and series circuits. If you don't know how to choose, you can always consult customer service. Customer service will give you useful advice.


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