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HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is a company specializing in the production of BM series Orbital  hydraulic motors and hydraulic steering gears. It has many years of manufacturing and innovation experience, advanced production equipment and strong technical force. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY complies with the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, pursues the tenet of integrity first, quality first, and in the spirit of seeking refinement and truth-seeking. It has tallied with the Quality and safety standards and passed the CE certification. The products are exported to domestic and foreign. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY company not only produces important components of large-scale machinery and equipment, but also produces important parts of small-scale machinery and equipment.

1. Rack

The rack is divided into upper and lower parts. The frame is rigid with four walls, and the rack supports the eccentric shaft and receives the reaction force of the crushed material. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has made technical improvements and innovations in response to the problems existing in the previous small crusher frame, replacing cast steel with superior cast iron. In the pursuit of sufficient strength and rigidity, it greatly simplifies the traditional casting technology and eliminates the original Hidden problems with technology.

2. Jaws and side guards

When the machine is working, the parts of the small crusher will show two opposite states - static and moving, so they are called fixed jaws and movable jaws, which are composed of jaw beds and jaw plates. The jaw plate is fixed on the jaw bed by means of bolts and wedges, and when the machine is started, it will move around the suspension shaft. The front wall of the frame is the jaw bed of the fixed jaw, while the jaw bed of the movable jaw is basically suspended on the circumference, most of which are forged with cast steel or cast iron as raw materials to have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing reaction force.

3. Rotating body

Effective use of the characteristics of high carbon steel, use it to manufacture the main shaft of the small crusher - the eccentric shaft, to undertake the huge bending and torsion force. At the same time, the eccentric part is processed by finishing and heat treatment, and the bearing bush is cast with babbitt alloy to give full play to the metal properties and prolong the service life of the parts.

4. Adjustment device

The adjustment device of the produced small jaw crusher is generally synthesized by the wedge block, and the two wedge blocks work in coordination before and after. The former can be moved back and forth to withstand the rear push plate; while the latter can be adjusted and can be moved up and down. The company sets the discharge port of the small jaw crusher by elastically adjusting the number of spacers between the rear thrust plate support and the frame. Meanwhile, with the technology of inverting the wedge slope, the company uses the screw to move the rear wedge up and down to adjust the size of the discharge port .

5. Flywheel

When making the flywheel of a small jaw crusher, cast iron or cast steel material is generally used to make an integral flywheel, which can play the role of storing energy during the operation of the movable jaw plate, and then apply the energy to the industrial production process to make the mechanical work tend to be uniform. In the process of making flywheels, the company innovatively produces pulleys based on corresponding technical conditions, and the effect is equivalent to flywheels. (Special reminder: Pay attention to static balance when installing the flywheel.)

6. Lubrication device

The eccentric shaft bearings are lubricated by conventional methods of centralized circulating lubrication. For example, lubricate the bearing surfaces of the spindle and thrust plate by spraying grease with a manual grease gun. At the same time, in view of the problem that because the swing angle of the movable jaw is too small, it is difficult to lubricate between the mandrel and the bearing bush, the company will open a number of shaft guide oil grooves at the bottom of the bearing bush, and open a ring to the oil groove in the middle to connect them to facilitate lubrication.

As a large-scale hydraulic motors manufacturers in China, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY pays special attention to various changes in the market and will take corresponding measures to manage itself. For example, centralized training will be adopted to continuously improve employees' awareness and work ability, so as to master core technologies to the greatest extent. At the same time, advanced technology and production equipment are used to improve and innovate on the original basis, and HANJIU TECHNOLOGY uses new environmental protection and energy-saving materials to make, which not only reduces production costs, but also improves product quality to a certain extent. The appearance of the products looks good, the quality is guaranteed, and the service life of the products is also extended.

More importantly, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY attaches great importance to after-sales service. The company will conduct intensive training for employees, and firmly abide by the "three musts" and "three nos" principles - be enthusiastic, fast, and professional; do not shirk, do not conflict with customers, and do not ignore customer complaints. When helping customers install and debug products, we will also give corresponding technical guidance according to customer requirements. And when the after-sales product fails, an expert will be assigned to be responsible for maintenance services, so as to truly and effectively protect the rights and interests of customers.

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