Char-lynn Motor Identification


Do you know how to quickly identify a Char-Lynn hydraulic motor? As we all know, Char-lynn's parent company is the world's leading manufacturer of construction machinery components - Eaton, Char-Lynn has a hot product is the J-2 series cardan shaft distribution hydraulic motor, below I will use the J-2 series motor as an example to introduce some of the basic specifications of this model that can be identified.


J-2 Series motor shaft seals allow shell pressures up to 76 bar [1100 PSI] return line pressures without the need for housing leakage tubing. When using housing leak pipes, peak pressures of 220 bar [3190 PSI] in the return lines are allowed. Char-Lynn's J-2 series motors produce a lot of power from a very small size, up to 5kW [61/2HP]. With a diameter of 61 mm [2.4 inch] and a degree of 104 to 130 mm [4.1 to 5.1 inch], this motor is the smallest of the Char-Lynn motors, which have very little starting and operating torque. It features a new 4:1 Geroler unit that provides support with rolling contacts when the Geroler4 lug rotor rotates, reducing friction and providing high efficiency at starting and low speeds.


This small motor can be mounted in any orientation to suit the requirements of the job. Drive devices such as sprockets and pulleys can be mounted directly on the motor shaft, which is very convenient for customers. We are Hanjiu, we sell the same motor, our products have made some improvements to the characteristics of the original, as follows:

1. Adopt integrated check valve

This extends seal life, reduces fluid pressure acting on the shaft seal, and reduces housing pressure to return pressure (60% of overall system pressure). The housing leakage option is recommended for some tandem connection applications.

2. Self-lubricating guide sleeve is adopted

Friction is reduced under radial side loads, ensuring adequate lubrication and support under all rotating conditions.

3. The shoulder of the distribution shaft has been lengthened

Reduced leakage into the motor housing results in increased efficiency and increased shaft revolutions per liter/gallon.

4. Adopt more robust components

Use stronger components, such as wear plates, to prevent deformation under high pressure and subsequent leakage.

5. It shows that special coating is used to prevent corrosion

J2 Series motors are available with anti-corrosion coatings for use in harsh environments such as salt spray, water and various chemicals. They are particularly effective in marine, food processing, car wash down, fishing, and agricultural use. Plating on the shaft helps eliminate seal damage in the shaft seal area caused by corrosive or acidic materials. Motors with anti-corrosion protection are available. The output shaft of such motors is coated or protected by a coating on the outside of the entire motor.


Now Danfoss has acquired Eaton (Char-lynn), and Char-lynn's original 2000 series, 6000 series, and 10000 series manufacturing ratio is very small, so Eaton's (Char-lynn) original motor style manufacturing cycle factory, and even some models has been discontinued.


HANJIU learns to manufacture all Eaton (Char-lynn) model series, and HANJIU is the best choice when you need the original Eaton (Char-lynn) model series


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