Hydraulic Motor High Torque


Do you know what torque is? This article introduces you to this concept.


Torque in physics is a special torque, equal to the product of force and force arm, the international unit is N·m, in addition to kg·m, lb-ft such torque units, because G=mg, when g=9.8, the gravity of 1kg is 9.8N, so 1kg·m=1N· S2, while pound bar lb-ft is an imperial unit of torque, 1lb = 0.4536kg; 1ft=0.3048m, you can calculate 1lb-ft=0.13826kg·m. In everyday expression, torque is often referred to as torque (these are 2 different concepts in physics). For example, the torque of the 8th generation Civic 1.8 is 173.5Nm@4300rpm, which means that the output torque of the engine at 4300 rpm is 173.5Nm, so how can the power of 173.5N make a car more than 1 ton run? In fact, the torque emitted by the engine is amplified (at the cost of reducing the speed at the same time), which depends on the gearbox, final transmission and tires. The torque released by the engine is first amplified by the gearbox for "adjustable" torque, then transmitted to the final transmission (tail teeth) for further amplification (while the speed is further reduced), and finally the driving force is released through the tires. For example, if the 1-gear gear ratio of a car (the gear number ratio, which is essentially the radius ratio of the gear) is 3, the tail teeth are 4, the tire radius is 0.3 meters, and the original torque is 200N·m, and finally the torque in the axle becomes 200×3×4=2400N·m, and then divided by the tire radius of 0.3 meters, the part of the tire and the ground friction has 2400Nm/0.3m=8000N, that is, the driving force of 800 kgf, which is enough to drive the car.


Hydraulic motor is to convert the mechanical energy output by the prime mover (such as the engine) into the pressure energy of the liquid that is easy to transport, taking the tractor as an example, and the benefits of hydraulic motor with high torque are mainly reflected in the following two points:


First, tractor torque is the torque output by the engine from the crankshaft end. Under the condition of fixed power, it is inversely proportional to the engine speed, the faster the speed, the smaller the torque, and vice versa, reflecting the load capacity of the tractor within a certain range.


Second, the greater the engine torque, the greater the force acting on the wheels through the gearbox and transmission shaft. Simply put, the greater the engine torque, the greater the acceleration when the tractor starts, and it can be said that the greater the torque of the hydraulic motor, the faster the tractor starts.


Now Danfoss has acquired Eaton (Char-lynn), and Char-lynn's original 2000 series, 6000 series, and 10000 series manufacturing ratio is very small, so Eaton's (Char-lynn) original motor style manufacturing cycle factory, and even some models has been discontinued.


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