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Hydraulic motor refers to a device that outputs rotary motion and converts the hydraulic energy provided by the hydraulic pump into mechanical energy. Hydraulic motors are mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships and other equipment. Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to some precautions for the use of hydraulic motors:


1. Ensure the concentricity of the output shaft and the machinery, or adopt flexible connection. 


2. Before starting the hydraulic motor, the shell should be filled with oil. The housing should always be filled with oil to provide internal lubrication. Otherwise, the hydraulic motor will be pulled and a big mistake will be cast! 


3. Leakage connection: the shell leakage pipe must be of full caliber, not subject to throttling, and directly connected to the oil tank from the oil drain port to keep the shell filled with oil. The piping of the leakage pipe must avoid siphonization, the drain pipe must end below the tank level, and other lines must not be connected to the drain pipe. The oil drain pipe of the motor should be connected to the oil tank separately and not allowed to be connected to the oil return port. 


4. The external oil drain pipe should ensure that the hydraulic motor shell is filled with oil to prevent the oil in the shell from pouring back into the oil tank when parking, such as the oil drain pipe interface up, so that the oil drain port is higher than the shell. 


5. Generally, the oil drain port is not connected to back pressure, if it needs to be connected to back pressure, its value shall not exceed 0.16~0.20MPa, otherwise the oil pressure will break through the low-pressure seal, such as shaft seal. 


6. It should be ensured that the low-speed high-torque motor has sufficient oil return back pressure. The inner curve hydraulic motor should pay special attention to the fact that usually its oil return back pressure should be 0.3~1.0MPa, the higher the speed, the greater the oil return back pressure, otherwise it will cause the roller to leave the stator guide rail surface and produce impact, vibration, noise, serious damage. 


7. The working oil should be clean and the viscosity should be appropriate. 


We all know that the purchase choice of hydraulic motor is extremely important. The working efficiency, stability, life and noise of the motor are all issues to consider. If you haven't found a company that gives you peace of mind and trust. Then it is better to take a look at our Hanjiu company, in order to show you our company more intuitively. I will take our Ross Torqmotor Cross Reference Roller Stator Motor 500750A3120aaa as an example. This product is characterized by small size, high efficiency, low friction and long life. The internal check valve has a good sealing effect. The motor also has a solid housing and extra-large capacity side load-bearing, the shaft seal can withstand the back high pressure, the motor can be used in parallel or in series, and the geomagnetic and drive adopt SMT series motor parameters for extended service life. 


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