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The hydraulic motor is an executive component of the hydraulic system, which converts the liquid pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of its output shaft. Hydraulic motors, also known as oil motors, are mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, hoisting machines, engineering machinery, construction machinery, coal mine machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, Marine machinery, petrochemical industry, port machinery, etc. Today we mainly compare the hydraulic motor series of Eaton Company and Hanjiu Company.


Eaton Corporation, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the Fortune 500 largest manufacturing companies in the United States. Its business covers the liquid power, automotive, electric and truck industries, mainly producing high engineering technology machinery and products. It has more than 150 production centers around the world, including 10 in China. Eaton Fluid Power (Shanghai) Co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of Eaton Fluid Power (Shanghai) Co., LTD., is the largest business division of Eaton Company in China. The company is dedicated to the design, development, assembly, production and sales of high quality and high technology hydraulic systems and components, which are widely used in injection machinery, construction machinery, metallurgy, shipbuilding, hydropower projects, agricultural machinery, petroleum and mining machinery, etc. And now it's acquired by Danfoss


Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of hydraulic motors, our company's hydraulic motors have high torque and high flow, there are many types of choice, such as flange, shaft, displacement, port type, low pressure loss, high power density, suitable for mobile and industrial applications, the output shaft, using deep groove ball bearings, can withstand a certain axial and radial forces; Adopt axial oil distribution structure, smaller volume, lighter weight; Built-in two check valves, no drainage connection; The cycloid group is used to match with the roller, with small friction and high mechanical efficiency. There are many choices to learn from in form, fit, function the same and save a lot of money. All units are tested before shipping and come with a one-year warranty. Items are not in stock, delivery time depends on the quantity you need, but generally within 4 days.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, inquiries or orders.Thank you for choosing 'Hanjiu' Hydraulics.


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