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Danfoss roller stator hydraulic motor is a mechanical actuator that converts the pressure and flow of hydraulic oil into torque and angular displacement (rotation). The hydraulic motor is equivalent to a rotating hydraulic cylinder. Conceptually, hydraulic motors should be able to be converted to hydraulic pumps, as they function oppositely. Just as a DC motor can be used as a DC generator. However, most of the oil pressure. Pumps cannot be used as hydraulic motors because they cannot be counter driven. Moreover, there is a specific working pressure at both ends of the hydraulic motor. Hydraulic pumps, motors and hydraulic cylinders can be combined into hydraulic drive systems. The hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor form the hydraulic transmission.


Danfoss roller stator hydraulic motor features: smaller than electric motors for the same torque output. Danfoss roller stator hydraulic motor is mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, hoists, engineering machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, marine machinery, petrochemical, port machinery, etc.


Hanjiu roller stator hydraulic motor has an adverse effect on the hydraulic system if the oil temperature is too high. These effects mainly include:


1. The oil temperature is too high, the viscosity of the oil is reduced, the compress ibility of the hydraulic oil becomes worse, which affects the movement speed of the executive components of the hydraulic system, reduces the control accuracy and speed for the dry control system, and also reduces the working speed for the transmission system.


2. If the oil temperature is too high, the lubricating performance of the oil will deteriorate and aggravate the wear of the moving auxiliary components.


3. The oil temperature is too high, which accelerates the oxidative deterioration of the oil, and precipitates asphalt substances, reducing the service life of hydraulic oil. The precipitate blocks the damping holes and gap valve ports, resulting in the pressure valve being stuck and unable to operate, the metal pipeline being elongated and bent, or even rupturing.


At present, the technology to solve the temperature rise problem of the hydraulic system is generally the use of the tank shell. The method of natural heat dissipation on the surface. The use of the tank housing to naturally dissipate heat, the volume of the fuel tank is often. On the larger side. The fuel tank volume is usually more than 250L. The traditional oil tank usually adopts the natural heat dissipation method of the tank shell, because the oil tank adopts an integral type, the heat dissipation area is small, so the hydraulic oil temperature is higher. In order to reduce its temperature, the tank volume is often on the large side.


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