white roller stator hydraulic motor


WHITE hydraulic motor is an American brand, under which there are many product series, such as: BK, CE, DR, DT, D9, FD, HB, MP MR, RE, RG, RP, RS, ST, etc. White roller stator hydraulic motor is a product of the American WHITE (White) motor RS series, the product material is made of cast steel, its main features are:


1. High pressure VITON shaft seal: provide excellent sealing life and performance, and eliminate the need for oil leakage in the shell.


2. Pressure oil supply bearing: the surface bears the forced oil flow of clean and cooling.


3. ROLLER STATOR motor design: the use of roller contact, compared with the use of fixed and sliding contact design, improve efficiency and life.


4. Matching grinding shaft extension: matching with the shell hole to maintain the highest volumetric efficiency.


5. Heavy-duty drive connection: full flow lubrication is adopted to improve the life. The price is low, the technology is not low.


The RS SERIES motors are the most economical models in the WHITE HYDRAULICS product range. But the technology is not low, unlike the power-consuming two-piece rotor pair design with sliding contacts like competitors, the RS series adopts the patented ROLLER STATOR design, seven precision rollers for contact points, reducing friction, providing more power and longer life for your application. Each output shaft is custom ground to maintain tight tolerances between housing and shaft, resulting in high volumetric efficiency. Industry-standard mounting flanges and output shafts allow the RS Series motors to be interchangeable with competitor designs.


White Drive has been acquired by Danfoss in 2016, and the White brand is no longer retained, all switched to the Danfoss brand. Some product models, which have been incorporated into the Danfoss product range, can be found on the Danfoss website, and the original White samples have been retained.


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