Different Types Of Directional Valves


At present, the directional valves mainly promoted by Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. include P40 hydraulic control valve, P80 hydraulic control valve, DVC hydraulic control valve, and HSV series directional control valve. Among them, P40, P80, and P120 series are economical integral directional valves, which are widely used and have the characteristics of compact structure, stable performance, low price and strong versatility. There are many types of control types: manual, cable, electromagnetic, pneumatic, electric Liquid, etc., the circuit type is parallel, and the monomer structure is 1-7 sections. The feature of HSV6 series selector valve is that it can switch between different flow pressure oil circuits. Multiple directional valves can be connected to send oil to or from different units. It can also be connected to an oil pump to deliver hydraulic oil to two different oil circuits.


Then everyone will often use directional valves in industrial places. What is its working principle?


The medium inside it flows in one direction, preventing reverse flow. Usually, this valve works automatically. Under the action of the fluid pressure of one-way flow, when the valve disc opens and the fluid flows in reverse, the valve disc overlaps with the valve disc on the valve seat through the fluid pressure, thereby cutting off the flow. For example, when the air compressor inflates the air storage tank, a one-way valve should be set between the air compressor and the air storage tank to prevent the air from flowing back into the air compressor when the air compressor stops. Its role cannot be ignored either:

1. The directional valves can prevent the system from causing damage to the oil pump due to the pressure rise, thus playing the role of non-return. If the one-way valve and the pressure reducing valve are installed in parallel, they can play the role of forward deceleration and reverse speed.

2. After the directional valves and the pressure valve are connected in series, the pressure can be adjusted and increased, so as to avoid the situation of pressure reaction. If it is a hydraulic control directional valve, the one-way valve can be opened by controlling the oil circuit, so that the oil can flow in the opposite direction.


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