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In the last article we shared the differences between the single-control directional valve and the dual-control directional valve, today's article I will introduce you an excellent product: monoblock directional control valves.


Hanjiu Technology produces a large number of monoblock directional control valves every year, these products use manual or mechanically controlled hydraulic monoblock control valves designed to distribute and control between generators (pumps) and actuators (cylinders, hydraulic motors, etc.) work flow. ).It is manufactured from 1 to 7 plungers with parallel or serial action, each plunger with common or individual check valve, with or without safety valve. In terms of production materials, in order to achieve a longer service life, Hanjiu Technology uses cast iron EN-GJL300 to make the main body of the product, and the plunger is made of hard chrome-plated carburized steel. All materials are selected from the actual use experience, after thousands of experiments. monoblock directional control valves are suitable for high working pressures. Capacities range from 40 L/min to 120 L/min, maximum working pressure is 380 bar, and thread sizes range from 3/8" BSP to 3/4" BSP. This range of integral valves features reduced size, low pressure drop and low internal leakage. Standard circuits are in parallel, allowing simultaneous operation, but we can also supply series circuits upon order. The weight of monoblock directional control valves is only 5kg, which can be installed by one person, and the transportation is also very convenient.


If you have special requirements, you can also contact Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. The company's official website is, you can send your own requirements on it. Hanjiu Technology has a professional R&D and production team that can meet your needs. Customize specialized products to meet all your needs without costing you a lot of money.


You can rest assured in terms of product quality. Hanjiu Technology always adheres to the production concept of quality first, and strictly controls the quality of products before leaving the factory. Every product will be tested before leaving the factory. There are pallets under each product to fix the product, so there is no need to worry about the problem of damaging the product during transportation, the probability of this is very small. After receiving the product, please do not rush to use it. Please check whether the packaging is in good condition, whether the appearance of the product is damaged, and whether the product can be used normally. If you have any quality problems during this period, you can contact Hanjiu, and Hanjiu will solve it for you. Problem even re-shipped. If the product has been used for a period of time, you can also contact Hanjiu customer service if you have any questions, and they will answer you patiently. Hanjiu attaches great importance to the customer's use experience.


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