Directional valve advantages


The directional valve is a common component, which is widely used in daily life, and there are many advantages of the directional valve.

1. Manual directional valve:

There are many scenarios for manual directional valves. In the laboratory, delicate control and regulation of fluids is often required. The manual type of directional valve can be manually controlled to accurately control the direction and flow of the fluid to meet the needs of the experiment. In some mechanical equipment, relatively complex control of fluids is required. The manual type of reversing valve can be manually controlled to adjust the fluid direction and flow, so as to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. In some special scenarios, instantaneous reverse control of the fluid is required. The manual type of the directional valve can be manually controlled to achieve instant reversal of the direction of the fluid to meet special needs. The manual type of directional valve has the following advantages: (1) manual operation, flexible and convenient. (2) Strong applicability, which can meet the needs of various special scenarios. (3) The cost is low and the selling price is relatively low.

2. Solenoid directional valve:

(1) The solenoid valve is energized through the solenoid coil to generate electromagnetic force to attract the valve core sealed in the valve body to swing, which effectively avoids the leakage of liquid such as the automatic control valve. At the same time, due to the relatively stable structure, the movement of the valve seat can be effectively controlled to prevent internal leakage. These advantages depend on the wider range of applications that solenoid steering valves can be used in.

(2) Due to the relatively simple structure of the solenoid valve itself, the related components have been generalized and standardized, which greatly reduces the production cost of the product. Since the solenoid valve is controlled by a switching signal, it can be effectively connected using a PLC computer system in the mechatronics production environment, and it is easy to be widely used in the mechatronics production environment.

(3) Again, the response of the solenoid valve is very sensitive, and it can quickly respond to the action in a short time, which effectively improves the work efficiency. At the same time, the solenoid valve has a compact structure and low power consumption of the solenoid coil, which effectively reduces the operating cost.

(4) There are many kinds of solenoid valves, which can meet the needs of today's important news.

3. Motorized directional valve: motorized reversing valve is a kind of reversing device with rapid response, which can realize rapid action conversion, improve production efficiency, and is suitable for many industrial equipment, and has been widely used in machining, metallurgy, automobile manufacturing and other industries. The action accuracy of the motorized directional valve is high, which can achieve precise reversal, improve the stability and reliability of production, reduce the possibility of equipment failure, and make the equipment run more smoothly.

4. Electro-hydraulic directional valve

(1) High flexibility: The electro-hydraulic reversing valve can accurately adjust the flow rate and flow direction according to the need, and at the same time, it can also quickly respond to the fluid control signal.

(2) Excellent energy efficiency: the electro-hydraulic reversing valve can realize the efficient utilization and conversion of energy in the working process, and reduce energy waste.

(3) High reliability: The electro-hydraulic reversing valve adopts advanced design and process manufacturing process, which has excellent anti-interference and high stability, can operate stably for a long time, and reduces the cost of equipment maintenance and repair.

(4) High technical content: electro-hydraulic reversing valve is a typical intelligent fluid control device, with a high degree of scientific and technological content and technical difficulty, which can bring development opportunities for enterprises in intelligent manufacturing and digital factories.


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