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Directional valves are very frequently used components in our lives, especially in industrial production. The function of the directional valve is to control the start, stop and movement direction of the actuator, and the directional valve is a directional control valve with more than two flow forms and more than two mouths, which can adjust the flow direction of hydraulic oil and adjust the flow rate to the working mechanism. It is a valve for AC, cut-off and reversal of hydraulic oil, as well as pressure relief and sequential action control, and the directional control valve is relative to the movement of the valve core and the valve body, which can be divided into two types: rotary valve type and slide valve type. The oil circuit connected to the oil port needs to be determined according to the actual situation, such as the feedback oil circuit, the oil cylinder port, the leaching oil port of the motor, and other actuators, control oil circuits, logic oil circuits, etc. The modes of spool movement include manual, motorized, electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, etc. The directional control valve is used to control the direction and on-off of the liquid flow in the hydraulic system, and there are two kinds of one-way valves and directional valves, the one-way valve is mainly used to control the one-way flow of oil, and the directional valve is mainly used to change the flow direction of the oil or turn on or off the oil circuit. At present, there are many directional valve manufacturers on the market, such as Germany Neumann, Germany Anwochi, the United States ALKON, Italy Contarini and so on, in addition to some of the more well-known foreign manufacturers, in fact, we also have a lot of very good manufacturers in China, such as Shanghai Lixin SHLIXIN, Shijiazhuang HANJIU TECHNOLOGY also has very rich experience. Let's take a look at HANJIU TECHNOLOGY!

HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is a very strong company, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY,is a young innovational manufacturer,was established in Shijiazhuang in 2011 by Mr.HAN,who is an engineer and has been working more than 15years on the hydraulic and automatic fields.

During 10 years,HANJIU became a market leader in China and customers are from all over the world. Right now,HANJIU Brand is becoming one of the worldwide hydraulic brands with the widest range and depth of hydraulic products in the market.

HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is now the largest hydraulic product production company in northern China, since its establishment has more than ten years of production experience, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY adopts advanced German production equipment, has three complete production lines, and has a very professional production and development team to escort the entire production process, so you can rest assured that the equipment they produce. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has always adhered to the business philosophy of customer first, putting the needs of customers in the first place, and at present, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's customers have spread all over the world in more than 30 countries, and have gained a good reputation and many repeat customers.

If you have a current demand for hydraulic products, then come to HANJIU TECHNOLOGY to find out, we will not disappoint you.



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