Directional valve market trends


The directional valve is usually used to control the hydraulic oil circuit in the hydraulic system, with the functions of changing the direction of liquid flow in the hydraulic system, controlling the action speed of hydraulic equipment and controlling the forward and backward movement of the hydraulic cylinder. There are many types of directional valves, including manual directional valves, electromagnetic directional valves, hydraulic directional valves, etc., different types of directional valves are suitable for different occasions, such as manual directional valves are suitable for small-scale hydraulic systems, electromagnetic directional valves are suitable for occasions that must be opened and closed frequently, and hydraulic directional valves are suitable for occasions that require high-precision control. The directional valve has an important application value in modern industry, which can not only improve production efficiency and product quality, but also realize energy saving and environmental protection.

The directional valve is widely used in machinery, engineering, construction, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, papermaking, textile, medicine and other industrial fields, it is a powerful control element, which can realize the control of parameters such as flow pressure, direction and speed. A directional valve is a valve that can control the direction of fluid flow, and it has a wide range of applications in various equipment and industrial fields, specifically it can be applied to the following aspects:

1. Industrial production, such as processing line workpieces, spray cleaning, agricultural sprinkler irrigation system and food processing cleaning, disinfection, etc.

2. Modern machinery and engineering, including hydraulic system, mechanical engineering, construction, metallurgy, petrochemical industry and other fields.

3. The control system can be operated and controlled by a variety of ways, such as manual electromagnetic hydraulics, etc., to realize the control of the action, direction, position, stop or movement of the actuators.

4. Transportation fields, such as aviation and navigation, especially for aircraft and marine equipment that require high reliability and high safety.

From the above content, it is not difficult to see that the application of directional valves is very extensive, distributed in all walks of life, and our lives can be said to be closely related, therefore, there are more and more directional valve manufacturers on the market, in addition to some old manufacturers, many emerging young manufacturers are also emerging, and the competition between enterprises is constantly promoting the development of reversing valves, and the current market trend of directional valves is quite good.


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