Directional valve selection


Now there are many types and models of directional valves on the market, we often feel dazzled when choosing, I don't know which one to choose, let's learn how to make a directional valve selection.


The directional valve is an important element in the hydraulic system, which is used to control the flow direction and flow of liquid, so as to realize the movement and stop of the actuator. The following aspects need to be considered when choosing a directional valve:

1. Product structure. There are two main types of directional valves: shut-off and slide valves, of which spool valves are divided into manual directional valves, electromagnetic directional valves and electro-hydraulic directional valves. The globe directional valve has the advantages of simple structure and convenient maintenance, but the sealing performance is poor. The slide valve directional valve has the advantages of good sealing performance and long life, but the structure is complex and the maintenance is difficult. Therefore, when choosing a directional valve, you must carefully compare and select according to your needs.

2. How should I choose a product? There are several aspects to consider when choosing a directional valve:

(1) The flow rate and the nature of the liquid need to be controlled, such as viscosity, corrosiveness, etc.

(2) Required control accuracy and response speed.

(3) System pressure and maximum flow.

(4) The required control mode, such as manual, electric, electromagnetic, etc.

(5) The cleanliness and anti-pollution performance requirements of the system.

(6) Installation space and interface form.

3. Usage scenarios.

Directional valves are widely used in various machinery, hydraulic transmission systems and automation control fields, such as machine tools, construction machinery, petrochemical, aerospace, defense industry, etc. When selecting a directional valve, it is necessary to select the appropriate model and specification according to the specific use scenario. For example, under high temperature and high pressure conditions, it is necessary to choose a directional valve that can withstand high temperature and high pressure, and an electric or electromagnetic directional valve needs to be selected in the case of remote control or automatic control.


In the selection of directional valves, in addition to considering the price, it is more important to consider the site, in different working environments to choose different directional valves, so as to ensure their personal safety, but also to promote the efficient and effective use of directional valves.


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