Directional valve specifications


There are not only many types of reversing valves, but also many specifications and models of directional valves.

1. The role and classification of directional valves.

The directional valve is an important hydraulic component, which is mainly used to change the flow direction of the fluid and adjust the flow, and is widely used in industrial production. According to its working principle and performance characteristics, it can be divided into many types, such as one-way directional valves, two-way directional valves, manual directional valves, hydraulic directional valves, etc.

2. Common directional valve specifications and models.

(1) One-way directional valve

A one-way directional valve (also called a one-way valve) is the simplest directional valve, which can only allow the fluid to flow in one direction, and if you want to change the direction of flow, you need to connect another one-way directional valve. Common one-way directional valve specifications and models are CVS-08, CVS-10, CVS-15, etc.

(2) Two-way reversing valve

The two-way reversing valve can allow the fluid to flow in two directions and realize the switching of flow direction, which is suitable for a variety of occasions, such as ships, construction, mining equipment, etc. Common specifications and models of bidirectional directional valves include SDA*1/2, SDA*3/4, SDA*1, etc.

(3) Manual directional valve

Manual directional valves are generally used in small flow work occasions and are deeply loved by users because of their simple structure and easy operation. Common specifications and models of manual directional valves are UW-M1, UW-M2, UW-M3, etc.

(4) Hydraulic directional valve

Hydraulic directional valve is a hydraulic component integrating electronic control and hydraulic control, which can realize automatic control of reversing and flow regulation, and is widely used in construction machinery, wind power equipment, metallurgical equipment and other fields. Common hydraulic directional valve specifications and models include MQ-L-06, MQ-L-10, MQ-L-15, etc.


The above are some common directional valve specifications and models, when we choose directional valves, we need to choose the appropriate reversing valve according to the specific application scenarios and working pressure requirements. At the same time, when using the directional valve, it needs to be installed and debugged in strict accordance with the design requirements to ensure its normal operation and safety performance.


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