Earth drill and hydraulic motor relationship?


What is the relationship between earth drill and hydraulic motor? If we want to understand the relationship between the two of them, we must first understand the functions and characteristics of the two, and the next is the result of the editor's findings.

Earth drill is a common tool in our daily life, and we often see it when repairing roads. Regarding the use of earth drills, it is quite extensive, and it is suitable for many fields such as gardening, planting, tree planting, geophysical prospecting, and road construction. It can be applied to sloping land, sandy land, as well as hard soil, super hard soil, clay, frozen soil nursery stock landscaping projects. This is because its drill bit is made of manganese steel, which can penetrate hard soil. On the other hand, it is easy to operate and can even be operated by a person alone.

For growers, earth drills free them from heavy manual labor. They can use earth drills for afforestation, planting fruit forests, fences, and fertilizing fruit trees in autumn. They do not need to use time-consuming and labor-intensive tools such as hoes. dig a hole. The earth drill can even be equipped with a drill bit suitable for the terrain specifications according to the tree species.

A hydraulic motor is also known as an oil motor because it generally refers specifically to a motor that uses hydraulic oil as part of a closed hydraulic circuit. As an executive element, it is connected with the hydraulic pump to form a hydraulic transmission device, and it can be combined with the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic cylinder to form a hydraulic drive system.

Because the liquid is the medium that transmits force and motion, the hydraulic pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump can be converted into the mechanical energy of the output shaft by the hydraulic motor. There are many types of hydraulic motors, common vane motors, gear motors, rotor motors and axial plug motors.​​

Hydraulic motors are now used in many engineering constructions, such as hoists, metallurgical machinery, marine machinery, petrochemicals, port machinery, etc. It can also be used in every aspect of our daily life, such as paper shredders, drilling rigs, trenchers, high-powered lawn trimmers and injection molding machines. Hydraulic motors have brought great convenience to people's lives.

After comparing a number of hydraulic motors, we found that the quality of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's hydraulic motors is much higher than that of domestic companies. They have a dedicated R&D team with high safety. The company mainly supplies and customizes products from abroad, using advanced The Gerolor gear set is designed with shaft distribution so it can automatically compensate for high pressure operation. The hydraulic motor provides reliable and smooth operation, and the special design of its oil distribution system can greatly reduce the noise of the unit. 

After understanding the functions and properties of earth drills and hydraulic motors, let's talk about the relationship between the two. We can find that earth drills and hydraulic motors are widely used, both are very efficient, and earth drills can also be driven by hydraulic motors. When the hydraulic motor becomes the driving force of the earth drill, the efficiency of the earth drill will be greatly doubled. This means that the hydraulic motor is the icing on the cake for the earth drill. During the working process, the earth drill can be more easily constructed on frozen soil, clay and high-hardness soil by using the hydraulic motor to drive it. I hope that more instruments are driven by hydraulic motors, so that the construction efficiency and cost can be improved!


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