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If you are a hydraulic importer, hydraulic distributor, original equipment manufacturer, fluid power system designer, hydraulic system user, then you must be familiar with OMM motors. Maybe you have used the omm hydraulic motor from Denmark, the omm hydraulic motor from Bulgaria, or the similar motor from the omm hydraulic motor from the United States. Have you ever thought about the omm hydraulic motor in Denmark, Bulgaria, and the United States in the three years after the outbreak of the epidemic? After the motor supply chain was forced to cut off, where did the OMM hydraulic motors circulating in the market come from? Who is the mysterious manufacturer? And what are their dealers relying on to obtain sustained business growth and development?



During the development of the hydraulic industry in the past ten years, I gradually heard such a name in the circle of manufacturers such as Danfoss, Eaton, and Parker, China Hanjiu Technology. Its hydraulic motors (including omm Orbital motors, and more O-series motors) have made it impossible to face Danfoss, Eaton, Parker. What kind of company is this, why can Danfoss, Eaton, and Parker pay so much attention to it, seeing it as an enemy, how much do you know about China's Hanjiu technology?



We obtained the performance parameters of Hanjiu's hydraulic motors from Hanjiu's official website. Take omm 32 motor, omm 20 motor as an example, the following is the comparison of main parameters of Hanjiu omm 32 motor, omm 20 motor and Danfoss omm 32 motor, omm 20 motor


  Hanjiu Danfoss
type OMM20 OMM32 OMM20 OMM32
displacement 19.9 31.6 19.9 31.6
Max speed(rpm) Cont. 1000 630 1000 630
int. 1250 800 1250 800
Max Torque (N*M) Cont. 25 40 25 40
int. 35 57 35 57
peak. 51 64 51 64
Max Output (kw) rated. 1.7 1.7    
Cont. 2.4 2.4 2.4 2.4
int. 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2
Max flow(L/min) rated. 18 18    
Cont. 20 20 20 20
int. 25 25 25 25


From the parameter comparison, it can be seen that the performance of Hanjiu Technology's omm Orbital motors is comparable to that of Danfoss omm Orbital motors in some parameter items. The most important thing is that we also know that the price of Hanjiu omm 32 hydraulic motor is only that of Danfoss omm 32 hydraulic motor. 50% less.



Hanjiu is one of the very famous hydraulic motor manufacturers in China and already has a good position in the Chinese market. In the current hydraulic market, there are many brands of hydraulic motors, but few suppliers of hydraulic components have mastered the core technology. Core technology is the key to manufacturing high-quality hydraulic components. Hanjiu Technology has mastered the independent core technology and continues to innovate. From the frequency of new product development of Hanjiu Technology, we can know that Hanjiu is very fast in the innovation of products and services, and it is constantly developing rapidly. Especially after Danfoss acquired Eaton, we found that it has also started to upgrade its industrial chain and continuously expand its business scope. While improving technology, it also minimizes profits and forms price and quality advantages. It is committed to developing the most cost-effective hydraulic motor in the market to enhance the market competitiveness of hydraulic motors and strive to be upstream in the market. It is this kind of strong backing that has given importers and distributors in various regions huge confidence and competitive advantages, and will maintain an absolute leading edge in the development period from 2019 to 2022 and even in the future.



Since its launch, Hanjiu technology products have won the trust and recognition of domestic and foreign customers with its unique design concept, excellent quality and perfect pre-sales and after-sales service. They always put quality first and focus on hydraulics, allowing more and more companies to come and cooperate. The appearance of Hanjiu Technology is a positive signal for the market. His appearance breaks the discriminatory policy of Danfoss, Eaton, and Parker in regional sales. No matter it is a large, medium or small enterprise, as long as it needs high-quality omm 32 hydraulic motor (or any size and any series of other hydraulic motors) can be obtained from Hanjiu Technology, more positive means that Hanjiu Technology broke the international monopoly or international monopoly tendency that appeared after Danfoss acquired Eaton Hydraulics, and played a role in promoting healthy economic development. , so that ordinary people can benefit from it, and enterprises of all sizes have the opportunity to develop and prosper together.



Now, Hanjiu Technology is upgrading its products and services by rapidly changing production, changing technology and management, etc., to ensure that their products have higher technology, performance, price and delivery advantages. On their company website , you can learn more information, or contact them directly to tell them your needs, I believe that your needs can be best met in Hanjiu Technology.


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