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Eaton Hydraulics designs, manufactures and markets a full line of reliable and efficient hydraulic systems and components for the mobile, industrial and aerospace markets, and is a global leader in the business. Whether it's a Mercedes on the highway or a vehicle on the ground, OEMs rely on Eaton's innovative hydraulic technology. It is used in Shifang machinery, agriculture, construction, mining, forestry, municipal construction vehicles and material transportation. Meantime. Eaton's global distribution network provides customers with timely on-site service and parts availability. Eaton's technological innovations are used in commercial aircraft, military aircraft, spacecraft, ships, submarines, ground tools and other military systems around the world. Eaton provides the power, possibility, and solutions for the reliable, efficient and safe operation of customers' operating systems.


The hydraulic motor is basically the same as the hydraulic pump in structure: there are gear hydraulic motor, vane hydraulic motor, axial piston hydraulic motor, radial piston hydraulic motor, etc. According to the working characteristics, it can be divided into high-speed hydraulic motors and high-torque, low-speed hydraulic motors.


The wheel pump consists of two gear teeth joined each other, a housing that houses the gears and main components such as the front and rear covers. Multiple sealed oil chambers consist of front and rear covers, housings and gear teeth. As the volume of these oil chambers changes, oil absorption and drainage occur.


The classification of gear pumps is as follows:


1. Press pressure fraction: low pressure gear pump, mainly used for various compensation, lubrication and cooling devices. Medium pressure gear pumps are mainly used for hydraulic transmission of various machine tools and rolling equipment. Medium High Pressure Gear Pump High Pressure Gear, two types of gear pumps are suitable for agricultural machinery, construction machinery and aviation technology.


2. According to the nature of meshing, it can be divided into two categories: external gear pump and internal gear pump.


3. According to the number of meshing gears, it can be divided into: two-gear type, gear type, gear type, gear type. 


Multi-gear type is a multi-gear pump composed of multiple parallel gears, which can supply oil to multiple actuators at the same time. It is also possible to form multiple gears in series, and multiple gear pumps increase the pressure of the outlet liquid.


4. According to the number of stages, it can be divided into first-stage gear pump and multi-stage gear pump (multiple gear pumps are connected in series to increase the pressure of the outlet liquid).


5. The shape of the connecting tooth surface is divided into: spur gear pump, helical gear or tooth pump, herringbone gear pump, arc tooth surface gear pump. From the point of view of the manufacturing process, the general tooth shape is enveloped, while the straight cylindrical tooth profile is widely used.


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