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Eaton is an advanced power management company committed to providing a variety of energy-saving and efficient solutions, with about 100,000 employees and products sold in 175 countries and regions. Eaton motor is proven to be safe and reliable, with outstanding performance for tough conditions and environments.


Eaton motor offers virtually unlimited variable output speeds. Eaton heavy-duty variable displacement pumps consist of rotating cylinder barrels and plungers, and the displacement of the pump is controlled by direct control of the pressure in the two servo cylinders mounted on the swash plate. The variable displacement pump is hydraulically actuated so that the plunger has a fixed stroke and the spring in the cylinder returns it to the zero position. The swash plate is supported on the tapered bearing. The make-up pump is bolted to the main pump and has a cartridge relief valve. The make-up pump has 4 displacements to choose from. A joystick controls direction, shifting and dynamic braking. This simple control method is combined with a variety of other control methods, and there are many control methods to choose from, allowing Eaton's hydraulic drive systems to be used in many applications.


Eaton's heavy-duty hydraulic motors consist of a rotating cylinder barrel and plunger, while variable motors have two servo cylinders to control the movement of the swash plate, which is supported on a counter-taper bearing. Variable displacement motors offer a wide variable speed range and can therefore be equipped with pumps with smaller displacements. Quantitative or variable variable motors, standard rear cover bolted with a valve block. There are two high-pressure relief valves, shuttle valves and make-up pump pressure valves in the valve block. When the pressure in the closed-loop oil circuit reaches the limit pressure, the high-pressure relief valve action prevents the hydraulic system from overloading. Shuttle valves and make-up pump relief valves are used to supply oil to the motor and continuously renew and cool the oil in the oil circuit.


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