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When it comes to motors, everyone should be familiar with it, and any machine in the world needs it to provide power to function properly. If you compare a machine to a person, then the motor is the person's leg. With the advancement of science and technology, the types of motors are becoming more and more abundant. Manufacturers in the world rely on their own professional skills to manufacture batches of motors. Among them, there are two companies that produce hydraulic motors, namely Hanjiu Technology Company and Eaton.


The first thing to bring to you is Hanjiu Technology Company, the headquarters of Hanjiu Technology Company in Shijiazhuang, China, and now they are one of the most professional hydraulic companies in China, not only in China, but also in overseas business, the customer service has covered many countries and regions. Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional research and production of hydraulic motors company, their hydrolic motor product models are very complete, all types of motors can be seen on the market, they can produce. As a new generation of innovative companies, they have also developed some more practical motors according to the characteristics of some motors, such as omp 125 motor ,In multifunctional operation, it is also possible to provide individual variants of the unit to suit the requirements of the user's application.All in all, in their company can always find the motor you want, their company's products in addition to very good performance, but also has many other features worth buying, such as long life, cost-effective and so on. It is also second to none in terms of after-sales, no matter what trouble you encounter, you can always contact customer service, they will quickly make a solution based on your problem. In addition, their production is also very fast, and the warranty period is relatively longer, reaching 18 months. They will never cut corners because the price is lower than other manufacturers, their products are always fine, can carry out one-to-one quality inspection of each product, and strive to bring the greatest benefits to the local people.


Next up is Eaton Hydraulics, which is headquartered in the United States and has more than two dozen factories. After the successful merger of Victrex in 1999, they owned a product brand including Eaton, Vickers, char-lynn, aeroquip and hydro-line, so Eaton's products include everything from power sources, control elements, eaton motor,actuators, connectors, pollution control and complete hydraulic systems. Their company's products are widely recognized in today's hydraulic market, and they are doing very well in product development, technical strength, product quality and other aspects. In the eaton orbital hydraulic motor, the main promotion is the Xcel series of motors, Eaton Xcel Gerotor/Geroler hydraulic motor at a dual-zone price to provide three-zone protection, lower energy consumption, lower operating temperature. They promise that such a design can suppress pressure peaks in both directions, helping to extend shaft seal life and improve overall reliability. In many regions, you can see or appreciate the quick and convenient service provided by Eaton Fluid Power, but in China, his market is not as large as Hanjiu, and the biggest difference is that Hanjiu is more innovative and focused on the production of hydraulic motors.


If you have the purchase needs, please feel free to visit the official website of Hanjiu Technology Company.


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