Orbital Hydraulic Motor


Hanjiu Technology Company production of rail hydraulic motors, a wide variety of types, their production of motors for the main markets of hydraulics including construction, agriculture, traditional industry, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding and horticulture and other fields, Hanjiu company relies on its strong global distribution network to sell their products to various countries and regions, in many places can appreciate the Hanjiu technology hydraulic motors to provide fast and convenient services.


Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. not only has high product quality, but also the unit price of their products is the highest cost-effective, such as the BMM series motor they produce, which is small in size, adopts the characteristics of axial distribution flow design, and adopts Gerotor gear set design, which is small in size, large in power and low in weight. In addition to these, it also has an advanced manufacturing device for cycloidal gear sets, which is characterized by small size, high efficiency and long life. Shaft seals can withstand the high voltages of the motor and can be used in parallel or in series. The advanced structural design makes him high power and light weight. However, the price of the bmm series motor with many advantages can be said to be the lowest in the whole network (for the specific price, please consult the official website customer service), you can compare the cost performance of each brand by yourself, and will definitely recognize Hanjiu Technology Company.


Of course, some readers may have purchased the hydraulic motor of Hanjiu Technology Company, and the next part of the article is about the elimination of motor failure. Of course, no matter what brand or type of motor you are using, you can read it.

1. If your motor does not rotate, it may be because the hydraulic pump is not started / the oil in the tank is insufficient / the air reversing valve is not opened / the system relief valve is all opened / the motor torque is not enough, you need to open the hydraulic pump / refueling / open the reversing valve / adjust the system pressure to the specified value;

2. If there is abnormal noise when your motor is running, it may be because there is air in the hydraulic system / vacuum / motor failure / support bearing break, you need to find out the reason for the intake and discharge the air in the oil / increase the fuel supply / replace the motor / replace the bearing;

3. If there is a motor leakage, it may be that the motor seal is damaged / the parts have pores, trachoma, cracks, etc., and you need to replace the seal/replacement parts;

4. If the motor has a heating situation. That may be because the hydraulic oil temperature is too high / the motor efficiency is too low / the motor is experiencing abnormal wear, you need to improve the cooling capacity of the oil / replace the vulnerable parts / replace the motor;

5. If the oil leakage of the external drainage hole increases, it is because of the abnormal wear of the distribution shaft / the wear of the column group of the stator body of the cycloid wheel, and you need to replace the parts.


If there is a situation of other motor failures, please feel free to visit the official website of Hanjiu Technology Company https://www.hjhydraulic.com consult customer service, we will answer for you as soon as possible.


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