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Eaton, founded in 1911, is a diversified power management company. Eaton is a global technology leader in power quality, hydraulics, systems and services, and fuel. Among these areas, the hydraulic segment can be said to be the core division of Eaton. The Eaton orbit motor they produce has a high reputation in the international market and is very popular. Taking the data of 2019 as an example, Eaton's hydraulic business accounted for 86% of the company's hydraulic group's total revenue in 2019. It can be said that it is an important supplier of hydraulic components, systems and services for industrial equipment and mobile machinery.


Surprisingly, on January 23, 2020, Eaton announced the sale of its hydraulic business and reached an agreement with Denmark's Danfoss, which will formally acquire Eaton's hydraulic business for $3.3 billion. The move was approved by the European Union's antitrust enforcement agency. The European Commission said the Danfoss concession would ease concerns that the deal could push up prices and reduce competition. Danfoss will sell some of its operations in Germany, Poland and the United States, while Eaton's production of some components will be transferred to the soon-to-be-sold U.S. plant. Key technologies will also be transferred. Eaton CEO Kim Fausing explained and explained the move himself, Kim Fausing said: "Eaton's hydraulics business is highly appreciated in the global hydraulics market, known for its dedicated people and strong brand position. Through the merger With the expertise and industry experience of both companies, we believe that our customers can further benefit from the professional support and services provided by a single partner.” Eric Alström, President, Power Solutions, Danfoss "The demand for high-quality, technologically innovative and industry-changing hydraulic solutions is more urgent than ever. We are delighted to have completed this major investment in our core hydraulics business," he said. This allows us to better serve our customers and partners. The strong business of both companies is a perfect combination with a common foundation, and the combination of the two will create countless new opportunities for us, such as enhancing our expertise in engineering development The knowledge and capabilities have doubled our local application support capabilities, increased the value of application development centers and digital design tools, etc. Through this transaction, we also gained the fluid delivery systems and industrial applications business.”


It is difficult to define whether the integration of the hydraulic business of the two giant companies is a good thing, but it can be seen that the hydraulic market is being unified, and the diversification of brands in the hydraulic market is significantly reduced. So, will Danforth's orbit motor be the only thing left in the US market after this acquisition? the answer is negative.


In fact, many motors in the American market are made in China, and Danfoss cannot completely monopolize the American hydraulic market. Many hydraulic companies in China have their own fixed customer groups in the United States due to their high quality and low prices, and there is a trend of development and growth. This is something that Danfoss has no way to curb, and the market is very good. Development requires healthy competition. There is no doubt that the entry of Chinese manufacturers will definitely do more good than harm to the US hydraulic market. Among the many Chinese companies selling hydraulic motors, Hanjiu Technology is the main company selling hydraulic motors to the United States.


The main reason why Hanjiu Technology can have a wide market in the United States is the first time that the hydraulic motor products produced by Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. are of excellent quality. According to tests, the hydraulic motors they produce can perfectly replace the hydraulic motors of big-name companies such as Danfoss and Eaton. In addition, with the advantage of China's labor force, Hanjiu's hydraulic motors have lower prices. Even among Chinese hydraulic motor manufacturers, the price of Hanjiu's motors is very cheap. This is because Hanjiu always insists on The business philosophy of giving the greatest profit to distributors and customers is a great tool for them to open up the international market. Many customers also benefit from it. Attentive service, high quality, and excellent price/performance ratio. This is why Hanjiu Technology has grown. If you are interested in Hanjiu Technology, you may wish to click on their official website for detailed information.


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