How Does An Orbital Hydraulic Motor Work


In the last issue, we shared some basic types of hydraulic motors, and today we will tell you about the working principle of hydraulic motors, so that you can understand how does an orbital hydraulic motor work.


Hydraulic motors work the same way as hydraulic pumps, and they both convert energy by sealing the solvent change of the working chamber. Hydraulic motor is a low-speed torque multi-action motor, referred to as cycloidal motor, by the difference between a tooth of the internal meshing cycloidal pin column planetary transmission mechanism, the use of a tooth difference planetary reducer principle, so this motor is a high-speed hydraulic motor and deceleration unit combined with a vulgar large torque hydraulic components. The application range of cycloidal hydraulic motors is very wide, if you carefully observe the surrounding things, you can find many applications of cycloidal hydraulic motors around us.All kinds of combine harvesters, seeders, rotary cultivators, lawn mowers, sprayers in agriculture; Net lifters in fisheries; Winding machines, textile machines, printing machines, and business washing machines in light industry; Road rollers, cement mixers, sweepers in the construction industry; These devices can be powered by cycloidal hydraulic motors. Cycloidal hydraulic motors are hydraulic motors made of internal meshing cycloidal gears using a similar principle to planetary reducers (less tooth difference principle). The rotor and stator are a pair of gear pump cycloid needle teeth meshing gear, the rotor has z (ZI = 6/8) teeth of the short outer cycloidal line isometric line tooth shape, the stator has Z: = ZI + 1 arc needle tooth tooth shape, the rotor and stator form 22 closed interdental closed chambers, of which half are in the high pressure area, half in the low pressure area.


The following is to introduce the working characteristics of the hydraulic motor. The motor needs to run forward and backward, so it is necessary to require the hydraulic motor to have structural symmetry when designing. When the inertial load of the hydraulic motor is large, the speed is high, and the rapid braking or reversal is required, a high hydraulic impact will occur, and the necessary safety valve or buffer generation should be provided in the system. Leakage from the dry interior is inevitable, so when the motor is closed and the oil discharge port is closed and braked, there will still be a slow sliding rotation. Therefore, when it is necessary to brake accurately for a long time, a brake to prevent slippage should be provided separately. Some types of hydraulic motors must have sufficient back pressure at the return port to ensure proper operation.


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