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I found that people often look for fluid Power Solutions in the search engine, so Hanjiu is here to share with you some reasons for the failure of the BM series rail hydraulic motors in the process of using the hydraulic power system. 


First of all, Hanjiu Technology recommends that when using the motor, the pressure, flow and output power should not exceed the specified values. Otherwise, the chance of hydraulic motor failure will increase a lot. When running for a long time, the oil temperature should not exceed 65°C, and special attention should be paid to the extreme working temperature of the motor, which is -30℃-70℃. Before starting, check the motor installation, whether the connection is correct and firm, and whether the system is correct. Check whether the oil inlet, oil outlet direction and motor rotation direction meet the requirements of the working conditions. Adjust the pressure of the relief valve of the oil supply line to the lowest value, and gradually adjust to the required pressure after operation. Tighten the inlet and outlet pipes and drain pipes. After the motor runs under no-load for at least 10 minutes, gradually increase the pressure to the working pressure, and observe whether the motor is running normally during the operation. During operation, the working conditions of the motor and system should be checked frequently. If abnormal temperature rise, leakage, vibration and noise or abnormal pressure pulsation are found, the machine should be shut down immediately. During use, when the oil inlet temperature is ≥65°C, immediately check whether the cooler is working properly. If you need to transport your machine or motor, it is recommended to provide appropriate wooden boxes and cardboard boxes according to the size of the motor, and use plastic paper packaging on the surface of the motor to prevent moisture and moisture from entering the motor, causing the motor to rust and causing motor failure. Hanjiu recommends not to put the motor directly on the ground, because you can't control the humidity and temperature of the ground, and you don't need to apply anti-rust oil for a long time, but it will be bad for the motor. If used in accordance with the regulations, with the quality of Hanjiu's hydraulic motor products, the probability of failure is almost zero.


If your motor fails unfortunately, please do not disassemble or repair it by yourself. You can directly contact the sales staff of Hanjiu Technology Company. Their service attitude is very good, and they will ask professionals to make a solution for you according to your situation. Of course, if you have enough professional knowledge and skills, after carefully reading the instructions, you can carry out the inspection yourself, but pay attention to the moving surface and sealing surface of the parts when disassembling, and put the disassembled parts in a clean container. to avoid collision with each other. After inspection and before assembly, all parts should be cleaned and dried (with a clean, soft cloth) so that the assembled output shaft will be flexible and not clogged.


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