High-speed and high-torque hydraulic motors are on sale


With the continuous improvement of China's hydraulic pump production technology, China's hydraulic parts industry has become an industry with a professional production system and complete production categories. Hydraulic system in various industrial sectors, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and many other departments have been more and more widely used, the more advanced the equipment, the more parts of the hydraulic system. There are many types of hydraulic parts, in the large market environment, multi-brand and multi-series of products, the quality is inevitably uneven, in the hydraulic system of various hydraulic components selection, I believe that for the new hydraulic industry friends will have some troubles, then the following by Hanjiu Technology to briefly introduce you to a Today we will introduce you to a high-speed high-torque hydraulic motor that is well received on the market - high-speed high-torque pressure motor, 2000 series 104-, 105-, 2000 motor.


This motor is a popular product launched by Hanjiu Hydraulics, built of cast steel, model is BMK2, production capacity can be up to 500,000 sets per year, high-speed high-torque pressure motor, 2000 series 104-, 105-, 2000 motor can be delivered within 10~15 working days, greatly shortening your waiting time, but also saving you time cost. If you have any problems during the use period, we also provide you with 18 months of quality assurance, during which you can contact us if you have any product quality problems, we will have a professional team to answer them one by one, and until you are satisfied. In terms of transportation, the loan product is packed in a carton, and a pallet or wooden container will be attached to the outside of the carton packaging for secondary packaging, which can fully withstand the bumps in cross-border transportation, and also ensure that the product can reach your hands in a new state. The motor can be widely used in marine hydraulic equipment or agricultural machinery, construction machinery, papermaking, textile, plastics, rubber and other light industry, papermaking machinery, textile machinery, injection molding machines, rubber briquetting machines and other mechanical equipment and other equipment. At the same time, as a professional team, we can also provide some cutting-edge products, all of which have excellent performance and reliability, and have excellent product quality assurance.


For Hanjiu Technology, you can also rest assured that Hanjiu Technology specializes in and produces hydraulic products, with 10 years of overseas export experience and more than 18 years of local operation market experience, and the product quality has also passed CE certification, even many times higher than the product quality requirements of similar products on the market. In the choice of express delivery, you do not need to worry about we provide international express air and sea freight international express to DHL, TNT, FedEx, etc. can be selected for you, detailed need to consider your order volume and weight, we will recommend the best transportation method for you, save you costs and eliminate other aspects of transportation concerns. If you trust us and want to try to cooperate with us, you can contact our customer service to send an order, I believe we will become each other's most loyal partners!


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