Low rpm hydraulic motor


Low speed hydraulic motor application earlier, known as Staffa (Staffa) hydraulic motor. Chinese similar models are JMZ, whose rated pressure is 16MPa, the maximum pressure is 21MPa, and the maximum theoretical displacement can reach 6.140r/min. The motor is composed of a shell, a crank-connecting rod - piston assembly, an eccentric shaft and an oil distribution shaft. Five cylinder bodies are arranged radially along the circumference of the shell to form a star-shaped shell. Cylinder is equipped with piston, piston and connecting rod through the ball Hank connection, connecting rod big end made of saddle cylindrical tile surface close to the eccentric circle of the crankshaft, it and crankshaft rotation center eccentric moment, hydraulic motor distribution shaft and crankshaft through the cross key connected together, with the crankshaft rotation, motor pressure oil through the distribution shaft channel, distributed by the distribution shaft to the corresponding piston cylinder, The four and five chambers of the cylinder pass the pressure oil, and the piston is affected by the pressure oil. In the rest of the piston cylinder, the cylinder is in an excessive state, and the oil discharge window is connected with the cylinder two and three; According to the motion principle of the crank connecting rod mechanism, the plunger under the action of oil pressure acts a force N on the eccentric circular center by driving the crankshaft to rotate around the center of rotation, the external output speed and torque, if the inlet and outlet change, the hydraulic motor will reverse rotation. With the rotation of the drive shaft and the distribution shaft, the distribution state changes alternately. In the process of crankshaft rotation, the volume of the cylinder located on the high pressure side gradually increases, while the volume of the cylinder located on the low pressure side gradually decreases. Therefore, when working, the high pressure oil constantly enters the hydraulic motor, and then is constantly discharged by the low pressure chamber. In short, because the bearing of the valve shaft transition seal interval is consistent with the eccentric direction of the crankshaft and rotates at the same time, the oil inlet window of the valve shaft journal is always against the two or three cylinders on one side of the eccentric line, and the oil suction window is against the rest of the cylinders on the other side of the eccentric line. The total output torque is the superposition of the torque generated by all the plungers on the center of the crankshaft. This torque allows the rotational motion to continue.


The OM series, BM series, and BMK series manufactured by HANJIU are low-speed high-torque motors with advantages and characteristics: low cost, long life, small size, easy installation, and easier to be accepted by the market. 


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